The first step in designing a new product is choosing the best available material. Our top priority is the material's quality, durability, and longevity, as we believe a quality product that can last for many years is the most effective way to reduce our impact on the environment. That is why we have worked for many years with the world's most renowned material producers who can guarantee not only the highest possible quality of workmanship but also high moral and ethical standards.

Many of the synthetic materials we use are produced from recycled sources, not infrequently up to 100%. We prefer to use such sources, working with producers who also use environmentally friendly practices in their other production processes.

At ZAJO, we also work to a considerable extent with materials produced by nature itself. Warm and soft merino wool from Australian pastures, duck feathers from the Polish Beskid Mountains, or organic cotton - are all materials that feature prominently in our products. When sourcing natural materials, we take great care to adhere to our high ethical standards, whether we are talking about humane and painless methods for sourcing wool and feathers from animals or organic farming in the case of cotton.

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Natural materials

When designing and manufacturing the highest quality products, natural materials are key. At ZAJO we believe in the power of nature, we are aware that even the most advanced synthetic materials still cannot match them in some respects and therefore natural materials are often our preferred choice.

Of course, we are also aware of the challenges and risks associated with natural materials, which is why we choose our suppliers very responsibly and consistently - we insist on using ethical methods and sustainable ways, refusing to work with any supplier who has their values set differently. And that these are not just empty phrases is proven by a number of internationally recognised certifications such as the Responsible Down Standard, Responsible Wool Standard and Global Organic Textile Standard.

We use several types of natural materials in our products, from different types of wool, to duck and goose feathers, to organic cotton, grown according to the principles of organic farming. Read more about the natural materials that are the heart of many of our products.


Polartec® is a household name in the world of technical materials. When this manufacturer was the first in the world to create a warming synthetic fleece material in 1981, it revolutionised the world of technical materials. Today, this original material has undergone further decades of development and is considered the highest standard in the world of fleece materials.

ZAJO is proud to work closely with this company in the creation of our products, whether we are talking about our popular fleece jackets or other products where we have used the cutting-edge technical properties of these materials.

However, in addition to the superior technical characteristics of Polartec materials, which have long been used, for example, by our friends the mountaineers on their Himalayan expeditions to the highest peaks in the world, Polartec is also able to produce these materials with respect for the environment. Many of their materials, including some of those we use ourselves, are made from recycled plastic bottles. Additionally, Polartec is constantly striving to reduce their environmental impact throughout the supply chain, and sustainability is one of their top priorities. As we at ZAJO share this commitment to sustainability, partnering with Polartec was an absolutely natural step for us.

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The Primaloft brand has been one of the absolute leaders in technical materials since 1983, when, at the request of the US Army, they created a synthetic alternative to down. Today, this manufacturer is respected mainly for its wide portfolio of synthetic insulations that set the standard in their category. At ZAJO, we have a long-standing relationship with this leading synthetic insulation manufacturer and Polartec fillers are often the basis of our warmest products, which can stand up to really hard freezes.

PrimaLoft synthetic insulations are renowned for their exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio, waterproof properties and ease of maintenance, making them the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, PrimaLoft strives to produce its materials from recycled content as much as possible and is constantly working to reduce its environmental impact throughout the chain.

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Pertex® is a household name in the world of technical materials and has produced some fantastic and innovative materials that are at the top of their field. Their materials have first-class technical parameters and that is why we often use them on our products.

They are particularly known for their exceptional quality, durability and lightweight, making them ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities. However, Pertex offers a range of fabrics with different technical parameters, levels and properties, so that when we design our new products, we can always find the ideal material for the exact needs of the product.

But it's not just about quality. One of the key benefits of Pertex fabrics is their commitment to sustainability. They continually strive to reduce their environmental impact throughout the supply chain, from sourcing raw materials, through processing and manufacturing, to transportation.

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LYCRA Company

The LYCRA Company is a legendary producer of highly functional fibers and technology solutions for the apparel industry. LYCRA fibers are known for their exceptional flexibility, functional properties and ability to hold their shape over time, making them the perfect choice for functional products that are designed to conform to and move with the wearer's body, allowing the absolute freedom of movement so essential for outdoor activities. However, in addition to producing top-quality fibers, LYCRA Company is also committed to the sustainability of its production.

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Carvico is a leading manufacturer of functional materials for sport and active movement. In addition to their exceptional quality, Carvico materials are known for their durability, their ability to hold their shape and adapt to the wearer's movement over the long term, as well as their resistance to UV rays and chlorine. As a manufacturer, Carvico has developed many innovative materials that have pushed the boundaries of what is possible one step further.

In addition, Carvico is constantly working to reduce the environmental impact throughout its supply chain, from the sourcing of raw materials to the production and transportation of its materials.

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Other materials

At ZAJO, we are constantly discovering and testing new materials and technologies because we believe this is the only way to create the best, most durable and sustainable products at all times. That's why we also use a variety of other materials that offer unique technical properties and benefits, but we couldn't fit them into any of the categories above.

For example, you'll discover eVent® DV Alpine's top-of-the-line eVent® membrane material, which is considered the most breathable material of its kind in the world, thanks to DirectVenting technology. YUNAN duralumin poles, which make our tents hold up reliably even in the harshest conditions and have saved the lives of several climbers in a snowstorm below the summit of Everest. Or the Polygiene antibacterial treatment, which prevents the growth of bacteria in the structure of materials with this treatment, which prolongs the life of the material and keeps it fresh for longer.

Discover the other materials we use on our products. What applies to them is what applies to the rest - quality and sustainability are top priority, and we make no compromises in these respects.