Revolutional by Carvico

Revolutional™ by Carvico is a technical fabric that is revolutionizing the world of warp knitted materials. Thanks to its unique and patented production process, it is up to 50% thinner than conventional fabrics of this type, while maintaining premium properties, specifically for sports and outdoor activities. Thanks to its reduced thickness, this material is extremely lightweight (only 155 grams per square metre), very comfortable to wear and feels like a second skin.

A material for active movement, packed with premium properties

Revolutional™ by Carvico offers a range of benefits. Although the material is very thin indeed, it does not show through thanks to its construction and is very durable. Having been developed especially for active movement, the key feature is naturally the ability to wick away sweat and moisture efficiently throughout the activity, while the material does not retain moisture and dries quickly. Demonstrably faster than other materials of this type.

Up to 29% of the fabric is made up of Xtra Life LYCRA® fibres, which are not only responsible for ensuring that the material adapts perfectly to the figure, but also makes sure that the material holds its structure even after many uses and returns to its original shape very quickly, even after stretching. It does not restrict its wearer in any way and offers absolute freedom of movement.

With regard to the health of the skin and its protection from sunlight, the material offers a UPF 50+ protection factor.