Feathers to Outdoor: The Journey of Crafting a Down Jacket

Feathers to Outdoor: The Journey of Crafting a Down Jacket

If you're seeking clothing that stands up to the harshest winters, down is the unmatched natural choice. This miraculous insulator, despite the leaps in technology, remains unparalleled by any man-made material. The exceptional warmth it provides at such a lightweight is unmatched, and it seems this natural wonder will hold its ground for many years to come.

But have you ever wondered how that cozy jacket or snug sleeping bag, which feels like a warm embrace, arrives on the store shelves? There's an intriguing story behind each product, a tale that begins with geese and ducks.

1. Our Feathered Friends

The journey of down jackets doesn't start in bustling factories, but in the tranquility of farms. Down is a special material derived from the feathers of geese and ducks, particularly from the fine, fluffy layer found at the base of their feathers.

We take an ethical and sustainable approach to sourcing down. Our commitment to using only RDS-certified down ensures our feathered friends are treated with dignity and compassion. This certification guarantees that the birds live a comfortable life, free from suffering, and their feathers are collected posthumously as a by-product, not through live-plucking.

This practice of kindness and respect is not just a moral choice; it significantly impacts the quality of the down. Happy, healthy birds produce superior plumage, which, in turn, creates better insulation for our products.

While other methods exist, and some products in the market might carry hidden, unpleasant truths, we choose a path of ethical responsibility. Our stance goes beyond mere rejection of inhumane practices; we actively advocate against them.

With this knowledge, you can wrap yourself in any of our jackets or sleeping bags, feeling the warmth not just of the down, but of guilt-free comfort and ethical assurance.

2. Embracing Nature's Palette: The Processing and Cleaning of Down

Once the feathers are gathered, an intriguing part of the process begins: separating the down from the feathers. Contrary to common belief, down isn't always the pristine white we often picture. It presents itself in a natural spectrum of colors, ranging from snow-white to rich, dark brown.

During processing, we make an effort to separate the lighter down from its darker counterpart. However, this separation isn't flawless, and occasionally, some darker feathers might find their way into your jacket. But here's our perspective: these minor imperfections don't detract from the quality. In fact, we believe they add a unique charm to the down.

Embracing this natural diversity, we once created a special edition of white down jackets that candidly showcased what's truly inside. While some might perceive this as 'dirty', we see it as a beautiful representation of nature in its authentic form.

Chemical bleaching is an option to attain uniform whiteness, but it's a path we consciously choose to avoid. Not only does it stray from our commitment to natural processes, but it also involves harsh treatments that we prefer not to use. That's one reason why many down jackets are designed in darker hues – to subtly conceal this natural variance.

3. Elevating Down's Performance with DownTek Treatment

Down's Achilles' heel has always been its vulnerability to water. When traditional down gets wet, water droplets cling to the fibers, causing them to clump and lose their insulating power. This is where DownTek comes into play, transforming down's weakness into strength.

DownTek-treated down forms a barrier that repels water, allowing moisture to simply slide off without saturating the fibers. This innovative treatment ensures that the down retains its loft and insulating properties even in damp conditions.

The advantages are significant: DownTek-treated down absorbs 30% less moisture, remains dry 900% longer, and dries 5 times faster than untreated down. This technology not only enhances performance but also makes care easier. Our down-filled products can be machine-washed without compromising the treatment's effectiveness, with DownTek ensuring up to five washes without quality degradation.

Moreover, this process is environmentally conscious. We avoid harmful chemicals like PFCs, PFOA, or PFOS, a commitment verified by the Bluesign certification.

4. Sewing It All Together

With the down perfectly prepared, it's time to bring all the elements together. The choice of materials for the outer shell is crucial. We opt for fabrics that are both durable and lightweight, providing reliable protection for the delicate down within and ensuring the jacket's resilience against harsh weather and easy packability.

Now, let's address the iconic design of down jackets - those distinctive chambers. Beyond their stylish, quilted appearance that looks as good in urban settings as it does in the mountains, these chambers serve a crucial practical purpose. They keep the down evenly distributed, preventing it from shifting and creating uneven spots, which could compromise the jacket's ability to provide consistent warmth.

As we unite the outer material with the down, we meticulously attend to every detail - zippers, pockets, hoods, and adjustable elements. While these may seem like minor features, they are often what differentiates a good jacket from a great one. It's this attention to detail that sets our jackets apart, ensuring they're not just functional, but a delight to wear.

5. Rigorous Quality Control

Before any jacket graces our shelves, and ultimately you, it undergoes a thorough quality inspection. We are committed to perfection, leaving no room for errors.

Key areas of focus in our quality checks include ensuring the down is evenly distributed, examining the stitching and seams (which are critical for the jacket's durability), and scrutinizing the overall craftsmanship. This process is meticulous and demanding, but it's vital to our promise of delivering nothing but the best.

6. From Our Hands to Yours

Once a jacket clears our stringent quality tests, it's ready to embark on its true mission - to be a part of your outdoor escapades. We carefully fold and package each jacket, preparing them for their journey to you or to our store shelves. There, they await a companion like you, ready to explore the great outdoors.


From the geese and ducks to the final stitch, our down jackets are crafted with unmatched precision and attention to detail. They're designed to offer reliable protection against harsh weather while being responsibly made, honouring both the environment and our feathered contributors.

As you wear one of our down jackets, remember the journey it took to reach you. It's a story of dedication, craftsmanship, and respect - a narrative that your adventures will continue.

The next chapter of its story is now in your hands.

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