Pertex® Quantum

Pertex® is a household name in the world of technical materials and has produced some fantastic and innovative materials that are among the top in their field. Their materials have first-class technical parameters and that is why we often use them on our products.

Pertex® Quantum is one of the lightest materials from this manufacturer, but despite its light weight, it is very resistant to abrasion and has a long durability.

It is very often used as an outer material in down jackets or down sleeping bags - its tightly woven structure does not allow down to escape through the material to the outside, and the softness of the material allows the down filling to inflate as much as possible. The filling of the insulated jackets underneath the Pertex® Quantum surface is thus able to reach its maximum potential. In addition, the material helps to achieve optimum insulating properties by having the ability to trap air bubbles under the surface, which are responsible precisely for thermal insulation.

To further aid thermal insulation, the material itself has high wind resistance and, thanks to its breathable properties, can effectively wick moisture away to the outside, so that it maintains the perfect temperature under the jacket throughout the entire wearing period.

There is a water repellent finish on the surface of the material, so it can withstand not only the wind, but also lighter rain or snow. The biggest benefit, however, is the ability to maintain air bubbles, helping the insulating layers of the garment to function even better.