PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Hi-Loft Ultra

The Primaloft brand has been one of the absolute leaders in technical materials since 1983, when, at the request of the US Army, they created a synthetic alternative to down. Today, this manufacturer is respected for its wide portfolio of synthetic insulations that set the standard in their category.

Primaloft® Insulation Hi-Loft ULTRA material itself was created to eliminate two of the common shortcomings of synthetic insulation fillers, which were often difficult to pack and uncomfortably hard.

Why is Primaloft® Insulation Hi-Loft ULTRA an excellent choice?

The Primaloft® manufacturer's intention to create a filler that retains all the properties of quality synthetic fillers, such as superior insulation and first class performance even in wet conditions, yet is soft and easy to pack, has been achieved with Primaloft® Insulation Hi-Loft ULTRA.

PrimaLoft® Insulation Hi-Loft ULTRA is made up of a blend of two differently sized polyester fibres, which gives it the aforementioned great insulating properties, but at the same time makes it superbly fluffy compared to similar fillings, making it an excellent choice for sleeping bags, for example, where it offers extra comfort and softness.

It has a very specific, so-called "vertical" construction, which in practice means that the individual fibres are oriented upwards, not sideways as is more typical of similar materials. Due to this construction, the insulation is able to trap more air, and these air bubbles help the material in its ability to insulate - making it extremely warm.

Primaloft® Insulation Hi-Loft ULTRA is also comfortable, durable, water repellent and retains 85% of its insulating properties even when wet.

Responsibly made

Primaloft® has long been committed to doing its utmost on all fronts when it comes to the environmental impact of the processing and production of its materials. 

This is also reflected specifically in Primaloft® Insulation Hi-Loft ULTRA filler, which is made up to 70% from recycled sources and industrial plastic waste.