About ZAJO

Hiking is one of life's great pleasures. It is the freedom to explore the world around us and discover new places. It is an endless adventure that starts at your doorstep and never ends. It is the effort of conquering the elevation and the ecstasy of reaching the top. It's an opportunity to connect with nature and take time for yourself. It's a chance to push yourself to your limits and test your endurance. Whether we're hiking alone or with friends, it's never just a hike. It's an experience that stays with us forever. So lace up your boots, grab your backpack and let's hit the mountains together!

Our goal

Our main goal is to inspire as many people as possible to spend time out there. Whether it's through quality outdoor clothing and gear that makes every moment in nature an even better experience, or through the stories of (not only) hidden heroes who prove to us that anything is possible.

We don't just see our clothes as clothes. We don't want to be just another piece in a cluttered wardrobe. We see our clothes and gear as a tool. A ticket. Into the woods, into the mountains, into nature. We create products that make you enjoy your time out there to the fullest, that make you come home safely, that make you collect experiences for a lifetime.

Our values

Timeless, to live longer.

To this day, all of us at ZAJO unconditionally believe that nature is a basic human right, not a privilege. That's why we create products that are functional, durable and of a quality that everyone can afford.

We take a "less but better" approach to designing clothing and gear, focusing on quality and timeless design that stands above fashion trends. And we work hard every day to minimize our impact on the environment, where the first step is creating the best possible products, able to last and serve for years to come.

Harmless, to feel better.

We are committed to protecting nature and minimizing our impact on the environment. We take a holistic approach to sustainability, analyzing and addressing all aspects of our business, from the production of materials to day-to-day operations. We only work with suppliers who meet our highest ethical standards, and we prioritize the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

Selfless, to give more.

Everyday life isn't just about adventures. While beauty is all around us and sometimes all we need to do is open our eyes, life and everyday working days can bring stressful moments. We believe that nature is the best refuge. A place that erases any differences. A place where we are all one big family. Here we forget the problems of everyday life, because if we need to focus on every little thing, there is no room to dwell on the trivial.

Whether the goal is Everest or a walk around the lake, we believe in everyone's potential. And we take every goal equally seriously. No matter its size. That's why we've long supported both Himalayan climbers and everyday enthusiasts who get an idea during a coffee break.

ZAJO culture

At ZAJO, we place great emphasis on the mental well-being of our employees and their long-term development. We recognize that the success of our brand is deeply rooted in the hard work and dedication of our team, and we strive to create the best working conditions for our employees.

We support their education, look after their mental well-being and encourage them to pursue their own adventures and sporting pursuits. We believe that by creating an inspiring and creative environment, every employee can grow not only professionally, but especially humanly.

The same high standards are upheld by our partners, which is our high priority. We only work with those who provide their employees with a safe working environment, fair conditions and share our ethical values. Both at our company and with our partners, we reject discrimination and any form of exploitation, we are committed to promoting freedom of expression and we fight against child labour.

As a brand, we are open to all regardless of gender, age, health, religion, sexual orientation or skin colour. We reject any form of discrimination and are committed to promoting diversity, equality and inclusion in all aspects of our business.

Our products

At ZAJO, we believe that when designing products, it is essential to consider the environmental impact of their production, not only in terms of the amount of material used. Our aim is to design and produce outdoor equipment and clothing with clean lines, timeless design and without specific design features that will not end up as excess waste after a few years of wear because they cease to be trendy. Our approach to design is that true beauty doesn't require attention.

We prioritize quality and durability in our products. We believe that any product, even the most ecologically produced, that is no longer able to serve is unfortunately just waste. Therefore, we strive to produce clothing from the best materials available and work with reputable manufacturers from around the world who are able to provide the highest quality possible. We take great care in quality control and do not look for any shortcuts.

We take a responsible approach to the choice of materials and sources, preferring recycled materials where possible, and we are constantly looking for possible alternatives that can offer comparable performance and quality with demonstrably less environmental impact. In the case of natural materials such as wool, cotton and feathers, we only use sources that are able to demonstrate ethical processing principles. 100% of our cotton is from organic farming, i.e. grown without the use of harmful pesticides, as proven by GOTS certification. Our merino wool is sourced from Australian wild pasture sheep, from an RWS-certified supplier, which is our guarantee that only humane methods are used in the shearing of the wool. And every single feather in our down-stuffed products is from an RDS-certified supplier, ensuring that all down is sourced only as a by-product of meat processing.

We have refused, refuse and will always refuse to use sources that have their values set differently.

Our certificates

Our impact

One of the biggest challenges facing the world today is global warming and its negative impact on the environment. At ZAJO, we believe that it is essential to confront this problem face-to-face. We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality in all aspects of our business, from materials processing, production, sales and day-to-day operations. We have a transparent plan in place, and we are constantly working to achieve the goals that result from it.

Our production takes place on many continents across the globe, particularly in the European Union, East Asia, the USA and Australia. Our long-term goal is absolute transparency throughout the entire manufacturing and supply chain. We do things to the best of our ability and consider it important to inform our customers about the methods and procedures used in the manufacture of our products.

We keep an eye on market developments at all times and are always ready to work with new partners who will be able to guarantee even higher standards in terms of social and environmental impact.

Our current activities