About ZAJO

In 1996, the product range and diversity of goods in Central Europe weren't as rich as we know it today, given the local conditions and the historical development. Adventure and mountain lovers were often struggling to find certain outdoor equipment and clothing. This is when one of these outdoor enthusiasts, only 20 years old student Juraj Králik, also known by his inherited nickname ZAJO, decided to help the community who loved and cherished the spectacular Slovak nature heritage. The outdoor spirit was stronger than any possible struggles along the way.

With the support of his parents, he asked a local company to produce high quality and durable Capri-style hiking trousers that were in the 90ties very popular with a combination of high socks. Driven by his passion for nature and a small Škoda Favorit car stuffed with hiking trousers, he drove through the country and visited potential shops where the pants could be sold. Of all 900 pairs of trousers, he sold 899. He kept one pair for his adventures.

Since then, the outdoor apparel industry and business environment moved forward with passing milestones and created many opportunities for ZAJO to grow.

We focus on the production of durable, functional, and handy products that will serve everyone, any outdoor enthusiast, mountaineer, or weekend nature explorer. Our company and design philosophy is minimalism and stickiness in terms of product performance. By using recycled materials, and creating ethically produced high-quality and durable garments we aim to increase the lifecycle of our products, and cut back the unnecessary consumption and waste.

Today we create versatile outdoor gear for several activities including hiking, mountaineering, skiing, backpacking, and camping. We focus on high-performance clothing, camping, expedition hardware, and backpacks. In our collections, we apply high-end materials from renowned companies, such as Polartec, eVent, Pertex, Primaloft, Downtek, Merino, YKK, and more.

Vision and Mission

Life is measured by experiences. It's not the things we own but the things we do, the people we meet, and the places we visit that create us and make us happy. This may seem like a cliche yet, so many of us are living it the other way around.

We believe that the best investment one can do is in experiences, adventure, nature explorations, and memories with loved ones. That is what matters by the end of the day. Any piece of outdoor clothing or hardware is a tool to reach one's goal of reconnecting with nature, themselves, and others, and often it can save one's life.

We see our mission as producing these tools that will make your experiences safe and enjoyable - durable, minimalistic, smart garment and hardware that will serve people eager to go out there and grasp those unique and memorable moments.

We offer a wide range of products that will make people's journey easier, safer, and enjoyable so they can focus on the most important thing – reconnecting with the source of energy, solitude, inspiration, and joy - with nature. We believe that this is the way to go for a balanced and rich life.