Outdoor to the people

ZAJO is an idea. A community of thought. A shared understanding. A curiosity about nature and respect for the world. It’s an idea of freedom.

Freedom to roam. Freedom to move. Freedom to be outside.

We believe it’s everyone's right. No exceptions, and no excuses. Inclusion over ego.

From concrete to the trail.

Who are we?

When Juraj Králik founded ZAJO in 1996, he had the vision to enable all people to enjoy the great outdoors. 26 years later, nothing has changed about this vision and his values.

Timeless, to live longer.

To this day, all of us at ZAJO unconditionally believe that nature is a basic human right, not a privilege. That's why we create functional, smart, and durable products that everyone can afford. Products for those who love nature. No matter if it's on the summits of the highest Himalayan peaks, at the bottom of a hill outside the city, or on a walk in the forest. Except for those who show disrespect to nature, we are a brand that is open to everyone. Period.

We take a "less but better" approach to designing our clothing and gear. While we do our best to minimize the environmental impact of production, we believe that even the most eco-friendly piece of clothing made from recycled materials is still just waste if it's not worn.

When it comes to going green, sometimes we are forced to say no because we aim to make a real difference and focus on the big picture. That's why our top priority is quality and a product that can last for many years. Along with a timeless design that has no reason to succumb to fashion trends because it stands above them.

Harmless, to feel better.

At the same time, we are aware that what applies today may not apply tomorrow. Nature is not granted and it is our whole life. And we know the impact that everyone's actions can have.

We don't turn a blind eye to the problems and we look forward. We intensively analyze and address all parts of the entire process, from the production of materials to the day-to-day agenda in our offices and shops. No matter the size of the overall impact. We believe that even small actions make a huge difference, especially when we are in it together.

The whole process starts with selecting the right materials. For natural materials such as down, cotton, and merino wool, we only work with suppliers who are able to guarantee our highest ethical standards. When it comes to nature, there are no compromises for us. With synthetic materials, we strongly prefer recycled and recyclable options, taking care of even the smallest details.

It's a challenge for many years, with thousands of small steps underneath, but it was too late to start yesterday, and even the longest journey begins with the first step.

Selfless, to give more.

Everyday life is not just about adventures. Although beauty is all around us and sometimes we just need to open our eyes, daily life and workdays sometimes bring stressful moments.

We believe that nature is the best place to escape. A place that erases any differences. A place where we are all one big family. Here we forget about the problems of everyday life because if we need to focus on every single step, there is no room to dwell on the trivial.

Whether the goal is Everest or a walk around the lake, we believe in everyone's potential. And we take every goal equally seriously. No matter its size. That's why we've long supported both Himalayan climbers and everyday enthusiasts who get an idea during a coffee break.

We don't just see our clothes as clothes. We don't want to be just another piece in a crowded wardrobe. We see our clothing and gear as a tool. A ticket. To the woods, to the mountains, to the outdoors. We create products that make you enjoy your time out there to the fullest, that make you come home safely, and that make your trip the experience of a lifetime.

These can be collected even on the cold concrete, between the walls of the city. But in hiking boots and on mountain paths, the likelihood is much higher.