Pertex® is a household name in the world of technical materials and has produced some fantastic and innovative materials that are among the top in their field. Their materials have first-class technical parameters and that is why we often use them on our products.

And Diamond Fuse technology is no exception, solving the eternal dilemma - should the material be lightweight or durable? Thanks to this technology, Pertex has been able to elevate its materials in terms of durability several times over, without having to significantly increase the weight and robustness of individual fabrics.

How does Pertex® Diamond Fuse technology work?

Materials with Diamond Fuse technology use yarns with unique diamond-shaped fibres that fit together to create a very strong structure. As a result, materials with this technology are extremely abrasion resistant, long lasting and do not lose their unique properties even with frequent washing. All this while keeping the weight low, so that products made from these materials are not a gram heavier than necessary.

In addition, materials with this technology have excellent properties in terms of protection against the elements such as rain and wind.