Looking for new faces!

Are you an adventurer at heart, feeling most alive when navigating mountainous terrain? Is your idea of relaxation more about reaching high altitudes than lounging in luxury hotels? If so, you might be the very face we're seeking.

Welcome to ZAJO – an outdoor brand driven by the belief that nature is not a luxury, but a fundamental right for all. We don't make excuses; we embrace the wild.

In every photo shoot, be it in the studio or amidst nature's vast expanse, we aim to weave a narrative. To bring authenticity to these tales, we're in search of genuine faces—faces that have felt the mountain air, sometimes a little dusty or marked by nature's trails, but always shining with the thrill of the next great adventure.

What We Seek at ZAJO?

Authentic Souls: Whether you're a seasoned model or someone who's never stood in front of a camera, it doesn't matter. We're not just chasing 'followers' or social clout. We're after authenticity. So if your shoes are worn from countless adventures, we want you.

Inclusive Diversity: Nature doesn’t discriminate, and neither do we. At ZAJO, we firmly believe the great outdoors is for everyone. Just as nature thrives in diversity, we seek models from every age, size, ethnicity, and background.

Boundless Passion: We're in the business of inspiration, and nothing is more inspiring than genuine passion. Be it hiking, skiing, rock climbing, or simply soaking in nature's wonders - if you have a contagious zest for the outdoors, we're all ears.

Natural Presence: Our shoots aim to encapsulate the very spirit of the outdoors. Hence, we need individuals who are photogenic, at ease before the camera, and capable of showcasing a spectrum of emotions.

Collaborative Spirit: As part of ZAJO, you'll collaborate with top-notch photographers and creatives from across Europe. Teamwork isn't just appreciated—it's essential.

What Do We Offer?

Product Credit: We appreciate and value your unique talents. Instead of a traditional financial remuneration, you'll receive generous credit to select and enjoy products from our line. Equip yourself for your next adventure on us!

Shooting in Extraordinary Locations: Many of our shoots are staged in the picturesque mountainous terrains of Europe. Experience work in awe-inspiring locales such as the Alps and Dolomites, where every shot feels less like work and more like a breathtaking adventure.

Visibility: If you have aspirations in modeling, visibility is key. Your photos will be featured on our website, social media channels, and various marketing materials. With our vast global community, expect hundreds of thousands from around the world to admire your work.

Collaborating with Professionals: At ZAJO, we pride ourselves on collaborating with top-tier talent. You'll have the opportunity to work side by side with some of the best photographers and creatives in the industry, gaining invaluable experience and insights along the way.

Become the Face of ZAJO: We're not just scouting for faces; we're seeking individuals with compelling stories. Your passion for the great outdoors and adventures deserves a spotlight. Through social media features, articles, and interviews, we aim to share and celebrate your journey.

What Comes Next?

You've taken the first leap — kudos to you! Here's what you can expect in the stages that follow:

  1. Evaluation: Each application is meticulously reviewed. Our key focus? Authenticity, passion, and alignment with the ZAJO spirit. Every applicant matters to us, and we're committed to giving feedback to all in a prompt manner.
  2. Face-to-Face (or Screen-to-Screen): If your application catches our eye, expect an invitation for a meet-up or video call. This gives us a chance to dive deeper into your fit for upcoming campaigns. And, of course, it's an opportunity for you to gather all the insights you need.
  3. Embarking on an Adventure: Successful candidates will be whisked away on incredible journeys to Europe's most scenic locales, collaborating with top-tier outdoor and sports photographers. It's all about capturing those awe-inspiring moments for our enthusiastic community, reminding them of the wonders that await.
  4. More than Just a Face: At ZAJO, you're not just a model — you're family. Our ethos revolves around community and the magic of shared moments. If our synergy is palpable, rest assured, our journey won't end with a single shoot. The horizon is teeming with endless possibilities.