Polartec® Classic Micro

Polartec® is a household name in the world of technical materials. When this manufacturer was the first in the world to create a warming synthetic fleece material in 1981, it revolutionized the world of technical materials. Today, this original material has undergone decades more of development and is considered the highest standard in the fleece materials world.

Polartec® Classic Micro is one of those Polartec® materials that are very close to the original from 1981, but much finer fibres have been used in its weaving, which makes this material very pleasant to wear and to the touch.

What makes Polartec® Classic Micro unique?

Fleece materials in general are an excellent choice for outdoor clothing, especially for their hydrophobic properties, high level of breathability, ability to repel moisture and dry very quickly. In addition, due to its unique structure that creates tiny air cushions, fleece is also pleasantly warm and is therefore an excellent choice for cold weather as a mid-layer of clothing.

The Polartec® Classic Micro fleece is the lightest material in the Polartec® Classic family, but despite its light weight it can warm the wearer very effectively. The ability to warm and protect from the cold outside air is due to the material working both ways - accumulated moisture and built-up body heat escape through the material to the outside and dissipate into the air, while conversely, cool air hits the material and is dispersed inwards. Due to this ability, the material has excellent thermoregulating properties.

Polartec® Classic Micro is also very comfortable and durable.

The eco-friendly nature of Polartec® Classic Micro

All fibres of the Polartec® Classic Micro material are made from 100% recycled materials, specifically recycled plastic bottles, so the background of the products' production contributes to a healthier planet and a healthier environment.

The eco-friendly processing and production of each Polartec® material is confirmed and guaranteed by Bluesign and Global Recycled Standard certifications.