PrimaLoft® Black Insulation Eco

The Primaloft brand has been one of the absolute leaders in technical materials since 1983, when, at the request of the US Army, they created a synthetic alternative to down. Today, this manufacturer is respected for its wide portfolio of synthetic insulations that set the standard in their category.

Primaloft® Insulation Eco Black synthetic fill is itself one of the best performing insulation materials in the world, and its properties are very close to the aforementioned down, even surpassing it by some standards.

Why is Primaloft® Insulation Eco Black so desirable?

Primaloft® Black Insulation Eco is not only an excellent thermal insulator, but also resembles down in its lightness, breathability and fluffiness. Unlike down, however, it is much easier to maintain, machine washable, dries very quickly and is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

The filling is made of polyester fibres, and these fibres have a very high density, making the material very durable and suitable for more robust and heavier winter jackets with a membrane. Nevertheless, the filling is very soft, pleasant to wear and adapts to the shape of the body.

The specially designed polyester fibres are very fluffy and create a moisture wicking fabric, so you stay dry and warm even in extreme conditions.

The entire Primaloft® Black Insulation Eco filling is very fluffy and has an excellent warmth to weight ratio, so the jacket warms very effectively without having to be heavy or too thick, but it's also very easy to pack down to a minimal size so it won't take up extra space in your pack.

Responsibly made

Primaloft® has been doing its best on all fronts for a long time when it comes to the environmental impact of the processing and production of its materials. This is also reflected specifically in Primaloft® Black Insulation Eco filler, which until recently was made up of 60% recycled sources and industrial plastic waste - but now the manufacturer declares that it is a full 100%.