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Exchange and returns


Enter your order number from which you want to return or exchange the goods, and the email that is associated with the order.

Then follow the simple instructions and submit the form. We will register it, prepare everything, in case of an exchange request we will hold the goods for you and we will wait for your package.


After sending the electronic form, we only need you to send the goods to our address:

  • Zajo Design s.r.o.
  • 29. Augusta 1646/6
  • 924 01 Galanta, Slovakia

There is no need to print anything, just write the number of your order on a simple piece of paper and put it in the package. We recommend sending the shipment as a registered package with insurance, so that you can complain about the matter in case of loss of goods on the way to us.


When your package arrives, we will carefully review it and, if everything is in order, we return the money to your account. Refunds take a maximum of 14 days, but we do everything we can to get your money even sooner, usually in a few days. Please contact us if you have not received the money within two weeks - we will certainly find the cause together and fix it.

If you want to exchange the goods for another size and the original goods are in order, we will immediately send you a package with a new size.

If the goods do not meet the conditions for return (it is visibly used, broken or incomplete), we will send the goods back to your address with a justification.

How will my money be returned?

When filling out the form, you have the option to choose whether we will send the money back to the payment card from which you paid for the order or to your bank account. When returning money to the card, it is not necessary to fill in additional data; when returning to a bank account, it is necessary to state the IBAN number.

What goods can I return?

With a few exceptions, almost any goods can be returned. It must be complete, intact, unused, with garment tags and in the original packaging. If you have already used clothes or equipment, it is not possible to return it, only to complain in case of a detected defect.

What products cannot be returned?

For hygienic reasons, it is not possible to return underwear and socks.

How long does it take to return a product?

When the goods arrive, we will inform you by e-mail, check that everything is in order and return your money to your account within 14 days of this moment. However, we don't delay this process unnecessarily, and we usually return the money to your account within the first few days.
If you have not received the money within 14 days, please contact us and we will quickly find the cause of the problem.

Will you return the shipping costs if I return the goods?

If you return the entire order, we will refund your shipping costs to your account. In case of returning part of the order, we do not refund shipping costs.

Can I return the product at the store?

Yes, you can return an unused product to the store under the same conditions, ie within 100 days. If you bought the product at the store, please bring a receipt. If you bought the goods online, please bring the order document with the goods so that we can identify it.

Can I exchange the product for another size, another color or a completely different product?

In case of exchange of goods, it is possible to exchange goods for the same product of another size.
It is not possible to exchange the goods for another color or another product. In this case, we recommend returning the goods and creating a new order.

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