Pertex® Shield

Pertex® is a household name in the world of technical materials and has produced some fantastic and innovative materials that are among the top in their field. Their materials have first-class technical parameters and that is why we often use them on our products.

The Pertex® Shield material is a premium membrane material that can provide protection from all the rigours of mountain weather, combined with a high level of breathability and minimal weight. Pertex® Shield material has a very specific structure, composed of 2, 2,5 or 3-layer construction, combined into a single unit. In our products using Pertex® Shield, we use the most advanced variant with a 3-layer construction.

How does Pertex® Shield work?

The individual layers of Pertex® Shield material have membranes embedded in them that provide protection from the outdoor elements such as wind, rain or snow, but at the same time, in the opposite direction, they effectively wick away sweat and moisture, thus effectively regulating the temperature underneath their surface and ensuring the highest possible comfort for the wearer. The surface layer is treated with a water-repellent treatment, which helps water to run down the surface and at the same time, thereby protecting the fine pores that just take care of the high breathability of the material. Through these pores, moisture is drawn away from the body to the surface of the material, where it slowly evaporates.

However, in addition to these properties, the material is also very strong and durable, easy to pack and pleasant to the touch.