Primaloft® Silver Insulation

The Primaloft brand has been one of the absolute leaders in technical materials since 1983, when, at the request of the US Army, they created a synthetic alternative to down. Today, this manufacturer is respected for its wide portfolio of synthetic insulations that set the standard in their category.

Primaloft® Silver Insulation is a highly effective thermal insulator from this respected manufacturer. Millions of tiny air bubbles are found in the filling, which trap body heat and thus take care of the thermal insulation.

First-class insulation even for harsher conditions

Primaloft® Silver Insulation is made up of extremely fine synthetic fibres, which take care of the thermal insulation, but also the breathability - i.e. the effective wicking of sweat and moisture. At the same time, it is soft, comfortable to wear and collapsible to a minimum size.

The filling is treated with a water-repellent finish, so it doesn't get wet easily, whether on the outside or inside. And if by chance, this padding doesn't lose its performance even after getting wet.

Responsibly made

Primaloft® has long strived to do its utmost on all fronts when it comes to the environmental impact of the processing and production of its materials.

This is also reflected specifically in Primaloft® Silver Insulation filler. The manufacturer declares that the material is made up of 100% recycled resources and industrial plastic waste, so resource efficiency is maximised.