Vuelta by Carvico

Carvico Vuelta is an innovative technical fabric, developed especially for athletes and those who do not want to give up their love of active movement even in winter. It is therefore an excellent choice for outdoor sports and outdoor activities even in cold conditions.

The ability to warm and keep the body warm is ensured not only by the material itself but also by its specially brushed surface, which further enhances and elevates its ability to insulate. This brushed surface is also very soft, pleasant to the touch, and comfortable to wear.

Thanks to the 15% elastane blend, Carvico Vuelta products are stretchable and adapt perfectly to the figure. They follow the silhouette of the body and offer absolute freedom of movement. As a material that was primarily developed for the needs of athletes and active people, it excels in its ability to effectively wick sweat and moisture away from the body.

The antibacterial properties of the material are another important benefit of this material. The latter prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the fabric itself and repels them. By preventing these bacteria from accumulating, unpleasant odors are eliminated and Carvico Vuelta products can be worn for several days in a row.


The Carvico Vuelta material was created for tough conditions and its properties are adapted to this. It is very durable, can return to its original shape almost immediately, and holds its original shape for a long time, even after many washes. It can also withstand abrasions from rocks or other common challenges one may encounter in the mountains.