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Gaiter Exped

PERTEX® Shield, 230g

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Gaiter Exped overshoes are an excellent choice for all those who love hiking in snowy terrain.. Detail description

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    Product description

    We’ve used state-of-the-art, technical materials in both the design and production, allowing you to enjoy even the most challenging terrain and conditions worry-free - the waterproof and breathable Pertex material used in the upper part of the overshoes will protect your feet from the harsh cold snow, but also from strong winds and water while the Cordura material in the lower part will the overshoes will provide resistance in critical areas and even protection against damage caused by cat scratches. During thorough testing, the metal buckles were also able to withstand extremely strong tension, and for extra durability, we strengthened all stitching.

    Technical details

    • The upper part of the gaiters is made of 3-layer Pertex® Shield material, which is light, waterproof, and breathable
    • The lower part of the sleeve made of robust Cordura® material is extra strong and resistant to snow, rain, and dirt
    • Strap made of easily adjustable and extremely strong Hypalon® material
    • We tested the strength of the material, metal clips, and sewing not only in the field but also in the la-boratory.
    • 3D anatomical shape fit boots with no gaps and keeping dirt, twigs, scree, and snow out of your boots
    • Front fastening with thick velcro
    • Durable aluminum hook and strong strap on the top do not allow the boot to slide down
    Cordura®, PERTEX® Shield

    230 g

    50% Nylon + 50% Polyester + PU

    Only dry gaiters may be stored. Moisture supports mildew origin, which may damage and weaken the material fibres. The gaiters shall be stored out of high temperatures, oxidation agents, bleaches and direct sunlight. If the gaiters are really dirty, wash them manually using the liquid soap and tepid water, rinse thoroughly and let them dry on the air. Wash never in washing machine and dry never in dryer!



    Cordura is a special polyamide fibre with exceptional abrasion- and tear-resistance. These properties are reached through hot-air texturisation of the material´s surface (hot air is applied to join the thin surface fibre of the textile with a stronger one to create a surface with feel similar to thick cotton textiles). more

    PERTEX® Shield

    Pertex® is a household name in the world of technical materials and has produced some fantastic and innovative materials that are among the top in their field. Their materials have first-class technical parameters and that is why we often use them on our products. more

    Gaiter Exped

    , 230g

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