Sprint into spring with ZAJO

From mountain hikes to city runs

At ZAJO, we put a lot of emphasis on the multi-functionality and adaptability of our clothing to suit a wide variety of activities. Our ultralight clothing is therefore the perfect companion not only for the mountains, but also for those who want to get in shape during regular spring runs.

The perfect combination of functionality and style

Our Manali for ladies and Naran for men sports leggings are designed for maximum comfort throughout the performance and guarantee perfect moisture wicking.

The Litio jacket, on the other hand, will provide ideal protection against unpredictable spring weather. Behind its properties lies the top material Pertex® Quantum Air, which, thanks to its structure, is very light, breathable, soft, and pleasant to the touch. Breathability is also ensured by numerous details, thanks to which sweat and moisture can easily come outside.

Merino for extra comfort

The Merino collection from ZAJO represents the pinnacle of functional clothing, ideal for complementing your running outfit. It is made of first-class merino wool, which provides excellent thermoregulation and breathability. Thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of merino wool, the formation of odor is also minimized, which makes our collection ideal even for intensive runs.

Discover the perfect harmony between comfort, functionality, and style, which will allow you to focus on any performance.