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Gaiter Exped

PERTEX® Shield, 230g

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Extra durable and breathable gaiters to protect against the snow.. Descrizione

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    Gaiter Exped is an excellent choice for all lovers of hiking in the snowy terrain. We have used excel-lent technical materials in their design and production, which will be your guarantee even for the most demanding challenges - waterproof and breathable Pertex in the upper part protects the feet from snow, but also wind and water, Cordura in the lower part gives the gaiters durability in critical areas and protects them even before being damaged by sharp crampons. During thorough testing, the metal buckles also withstood extremely strong tension, and for extra durability, we strengthened the sewing.

    Dettagli tecnici

    • The upper part of the gaiters is made of 3-layer Pertex® Shield material, which is light, waterproof, and breathable
    • The lower part of the sleeve made of robust Cordura® material is extra strong and resistant to snow, rain, and dirt
    • Strap made of easily adjustable and extremely strong Hypalon® material
    • We tested the strength of the material, metal clips, and sewing not only in the field but also in the la-boratory.
    • 3D anatomical shape fit boots with no gaps and keeping dirt, twigs, scree, and snow out of your boots
    • Front fastening with thick velcro
    • Durable aluminum hook and strong strap on the top do not allow the boot to slide down
    Cordura®, PERTEX® Shield

    230 g

    50% Nylon + 50% Polyester + PU

    Istruzioni di cura
    Only dry gaiters may be stored. Moisture supports mildew origin, which may damage and weaken the material fibres. The gaiters shall be stored out of high temperatures, oxidation agents, bleaches and direct sunlight. If the gaiters are really dirty, wash them manually using the liquid soap and tepid water, rinse thoroughly and let them dry on the air. Wash never in washing machine and dry never in dryer!



    Cordura è una speciale fibra di poliammide altamente resistente all'abrasione e resistente al taglio. Queste caratteristiche si ottengono per mezzo di getti d'aria testurizzati sulla superficie del materiale (con l'aria calda si collega una sottile superficie del tessuto così creando una superficie più forte con una sensazione simile al cotone. Altro

    PERTEX® Shield

    PERTEX® shield represents a fusion of technically advanced face fabrics with a breathable microporous waterproof coating. With the focus on duarability, shield combines wind and water protection with excellent breathability. Altro

    Gaiter Exped

    , 230g


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