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Riku Beanie

Merino wool, 110g

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Keep your head warm with the Riku Beanie, made from a mixture of merino wool and acrylic.. Descrizione

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    The thicker winter cap Riku Beanie combines the breathable properties of merino wool, thanks to which it effectively wicks sweat and moisture away, and the resistance of acrylic, thanks to which it keeps its shape for a long time. From the inside, we have integrated a headband made of fine Thermolite fibers, with which the cap perfectly adapts to the shape of the head and holds firmly on it. The Riku Beanie is an excellent choice for skiing, winter hiking, and many other winter sports, but thanks to minimalist design also for casual wearing.

    Dettagli tecnici

    • Fine ribbed knit detail
    • Four dart construction
    • Soft and adjustable Thermolite headband
    • Made in Germany

    Merino wool, Invista™ Thermolite®

    110 g

    50% Merino wool + 50% Acrilic

    Istruzioni di cura
    Merino wool clothing doesn’t need to be washed as often as clothes made from other fibers. The best way to maintain your merino wool products is by exposure to fresh air. The best care way is hand wash in a basin with warm water and soap but do not allow to soak for too long to avoid shrinkage. In case of machine wash setup on a low to medium heat (30 degrees) on a cold cycle or use a wool wash/delicate option if available. Don’t not use fabric softeners because these will coat the merino fibres limiting the wool’s natural ability to actively managing your moisture and body temperature. Merino wool is generally very susceptible to mechanical damage, so do not wash them with clothing that has zippers, buckles, Velcro and is recommended to put your clothes to the textile bag. Be careful when wearing sharp edges with merino wool. Sharp edges pulling the yarns in the clothes and lead to holes so it is better to be careful. Merino wool is particularly susceptible to yellowing if exposed to sunlight.


    Merino wool

    Lana Merino - Un tesoro della natura Noi a ZAJO amiamo gli attributi della lana Merino che nasconde le cose migliori che la natura può offrirci. I prodotti in lana merino sono un compagno universale e abbigliamento di base per ogni stagione e clima grazie alle loro caratteristiche. Altro

    Invista™ Thermolite®

    Invista™ Thermolite®

    Il materiale Thermolite ® fornisce isolamento e comfort per il freddo, anche quando il suo peso è leggero. Thermolite ® fornisce calore senza aggiungere peso in condizioni di asciutto e bagnato. È una fibra leggera che offre prestazioni estreme. Altro

    Riku Beanie

    , 110g


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