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Venture +5 Regular

LoftPlus Insulation, 970g

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Lightweight and versatile sleeping bag with high-quality synthetic padding, for a comfortable sleep in nature.. Podrobnejši opis

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    The high-quality Venture sleeping bag offers plenty of warmth despite its low weight and compact design. LoftPlus Insolation synthetic filling is made of high-tech hollow fibers, which offer high insulation and long-lasting performance even when the filling gets damp. The sleeping bag also offers excellent insulation in the head area and, thanks to the heat collar and the elastic band, can prevent heat from escaping outwards. Also, Venture sleeping bags are breathable, extremely easy to maintain, durable, and dry quickly.

    Tehnične podrobnosti

    • EN 13537:2012 tested
    • Single layer construction
    • YKK zip that is angled away from the shoulder to prevent body contact whilst user is sleeping on side and allows easier access from inside
    • Roll over hook and loop closure flap at top of YKK zip for extra comfort
    • Two-way YKK zip enables lower access or ventilation whilst zip is drawn up and also allows sleeping bag to be opened out to aid airing and drying
    • The bottom zipper gusset prevents accidental opening
    • One 3-D volume baffle behind YKK zip that extends past zipping end for draught-proofing
    • 3-D shaped neck baffle features hook and loop at either end and is ergonomically shaped to encase the whole circumference of the neck
    • Drawcords in baffle enable further adjustment and pull insulation closer to the front or rear of the neck
    • Baffle can be split by hook and loop and can fold down whilst in the upright sitting position
    • Split face drawcords to control and adjust volume individually around the upper and lower face
    • Drawcords are easily accessed from inside the sleeping bag
    • Foot box hang loops for storage and drying
    • Internal pocket for storage of mobile phone or GPS
    • Includes compression stuff sack

    LoftPlus Insulation, YKK®, Duraflex®

    Teža spalne vreče
    970 g

    Teža vreče za stvari
    144 g

    Teža polnila
    400 g

    Temperatura udobja
    9 °C

    Temperaturna meja
    5 °C

    Temperaturna skrajnost
    -9 °C


    Največja višina postavitve

    stran zadrge

    Za ženske

    970 g

    195 x 76 cm

    1 layer

    100% Single hollow fiber Polyester

    Zunanja tkanina
    100% 40D Nylor R/S + DWR

    100% 75D soft Polyester

    Spot clean your sleeping bag with lukewarm (30° C) soapy water and a sponge. If exceptionally soiled your sleeping bag may be washed in washing machine. Use an oversized commercial automatic machine, utilizing a rotating drum action. Do not wash your sleeping bag in a top loading washing machine; the center agitator could damage it. Make sure the detergent compartment of your washing machine is clean of any detergent or softener. Set the washing machine to a cold wash on a delicate cycle. Before washing your down sleeping bag brush off any loose mud or dirt. Do up any zips or Velcro, close any flaps and do not wring. Do not use detergents, as they are very aggressive (if not exclusively designed for sleeping bags). Do not add fabric softener. Set the machine to rinse a few times on the slowest/longest spin cycle to ensure no cleaner residues are left in the insulation. Sleeping bags should be tumble dried at a low heat. Do not be tempted set the drier to a high heat as you risk melting the seams and outer shell fabric. Hold the sleeping bag flat and not at one end. Ensure the bag is 100% dry. Air your sleeping bag after washing drying flat, clean surface. Do not expose sleeping bag to the sun or heat. Dry cleaning is not advisable as the chemicals used may reduce insulation efficiency and water repellency. To extend the life of your bag, never store it in its stuff sack. Keep it loosely stored in a dry place in a large cotton bag, or hang it in a closet or store it flat.

    Velikost pakiranja
    33 x 18 cm


    LoftPlus Insulation

    LoftPlus is a synthetic non-woven insulation developed by company ZAJO. This insulation is made of super micro fibers mixture in two different sizes of fibers, one for high thermal values and the other for increased loft. več


    Izdelke YKK najdemo na vseh industrijskih področjih. YKK izdeluje široko paleto zadrg, gumbov, zaponk in pritrdilni pribor. Izdelki so poznani po izjemni kakovosti in vzdržljivosti. Na vseh naših oblačilih uporabljamo YKK zadrge in zaponke. več



    Duraflex, poznana znamka plastičnih zaponk znamka za nahrbtnike in drugo opremo. Prihaja iz ZDA in je prisotna po celem svetu. Pionirji v industriji, z zagotavljanem celovite storitve do kupcev.. več

    Venture +5 Regular

    , 970g

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