ZAJO Girls

ZAJO Girls are our relay running team, which we have been supporting since 2021 and which has not had to taste the bitterness of losing since we started working together. These 12 unique women, including our clothing designer Janka, regularly take part in the most popular relay race in Slovakia, From Tatras to Danube, which they dominated in 2021 (still under the name SheRuns) and 2022 (already under the name ZAJO Girls).

These girls regularly prove to us that if we are a team and support each other, we can do anything we set our minds to together.


In the 2022 edition, the girls started under the name ZAJO Girls, consisting of Jana Šimunková, Jana Valocsayová, Mária Kováčová, Magdaléna Bartková, Janka Hovanová Molčanyová (our designer), Martina Diviaková, Táňa Vršanská, Anna Ďurcová, Adriana Mlynarovičová, Klára Hatinová, Zuzana Surgáčová and Janka Švihoríková. 

These 12 girls were facing a 345-kilometer-long course, with three sections awaiting each of them, with an average length of just under 10 kilometers.

While the previous year the girls had won in a rather sovereign manner, in 2022 it was quite a drama. For most of the race, another excellent women's team, ŠK Detva in motion, was in the lead, but our girls were breathing down their backs the whole time. In the 23rd section, the girls briefly took the lead but lost it again in the next section. 

It was a tough fight, which was decided only in the final tens of kilometers. The girls took the lead for the second time in the 31st section and didn't let it go until the finish. They finally reached the finish line with a 15-minute lead, which is a really close difference on such a long course. Once again, these girls were on the top step of the podium.


Our cooperation with the girls started at the relay race From Tatras to Danube 2021 and as a premiere, it couldn't have turned out better - the girls not only won, but they did it in an absolutely dominant way. They left the second-best women's relay team more than 22 minutes behind them on the 345-kilometer course, which just goes to show their hard work and determination.

What more proof did we need that these girls have it?

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Every athlete knows that a mix of several factors is necessary for success. Surely, the reason for these girls' success isn't our clothes. Behind their success are hundreds of rigorous and structured training sessions throughout the year, often in cold, windy and rainy weather. Because when you have to, you have to.

But then there are a host of other factors that we could list into the morning. Regeneration, stress, and the ability to persevere when things don't go to plan. And yes, even that gear. Because every runner knows what a difference quality and functional clothing can make. From the winners, like the girls here, to the enthusiasts who have just racked up their first kilometers.

These are the pieces the girls ran in and a little something extra. They may not run it for you, but every kilometer will be that few percent more enjoyable with them on. And in the end, it's those little things that can make all the difference.