ZAJO and running? A natural connection!

In ZAJO we are hikers. We love mountains, nature and everything related to it. That's why for 26 years we have been designing and manufacturing clothing for people with the same passion. People who appreciate nature, find refuge in it and sometimes prefer a bacon roast on the fire instead of a home-cooked dinner.

Hiking and trail running, however, are more than close - after all, the only difference is perhaps the pace. That's why it was natural for us to orient part of the collection just for nature lovers, who move along the same paths as we do, just at a slightly higher intensity. We're the same blood type, we like to explore new places, we like to keep fit and we like to relieve our stress right out there. And we're all family in the mountains, after all.

We created the Litio trail running clothing collection specifically for those who love trail running. In practice, this means extremely low grammage, breathable properties, windproof material and many other tweaks for better ventilation. Are these all parameters that would be indicative of a good hiking jacket? Make no mistake, with this collection you'll enjoy your time out there no matter how fast you want to go through your miles.

Litio ultralight jackets

The alpha and omega of our Litio collection are the Litio W Jkt and Litio Jkt ultralight jackets. They are made from the top-quality Pertex® Quantum Air material, which is very light, breathable, soft and comfortable to the touch, while still providing protection against the elements thanks to its structure. There is a water-repellent finish on the surface, so it can withstand not only wind but also light rain or snow. The biggest benefit, however, is the ability to trap air bubbles, helping the insulating layers of clothing to function even better.

However, the breathability that is so important in high-intensity activity is not only taken care of by the material itself, but also by the many details that allow sweat and moisture to escape. Tiny ventilation holes on the back or the ability to run with the jacket unzipped thanks to a special loop hidden under the zipper, won't allow moisture to accumulate around your body and will help keep your body dry and fresh throughout the entire exercise period. Running or intense hiking.

Litio running shorts

The Litio running shorts are, as is typical for the whole collection, very light. To ensure absolute freedom of movement, they are stretchable, so they adapt to even the most twitchy moves. The shorts hide short leggings under the top material, which adapt perfectly to the thighs, preventing friction and the associated irritation. There are several small pockets for small things and a high-quality elastic at the waist that holds the shorts firmly in place.

Simply everything needed for top-running performance. However, with these features, we found no reason why these shorts are not more than suitable for hikers as well.