Litio 2 WUL Tent

Ultra-light and compact tent for all four seasons.

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The ultra-lightweight, yet sturdy Litio 2 tent is an excellent choice for every hiker looking to avoid carrying around extra weight they don’t need while also requiring a comfortable tent they can rely on for freezing cold nights outdoors. The snow collar provides special protection in the wintertime, adding additional insulation to the tent, improving its stability, and offering even better protection from gusts of wind when inside. Thanks to the dome construction, the tent offers greater stability and plenty of headroom, even when sitting up instead of lying down. Two sets of aluminium bars, solid steel pins, and cables on the exterior of the tent will also ensure stability, even in strong winds. Inside the tent, you’ll find several storage bags for your food, gear, and small items. All openings of the tent are equipped with a mosquito net. The tent also comes equipped with an optional floor for added comfort, which you can choose to leave at home to make your backpack even lighter.
  • Weight 2664g
  • Weight 2664g
Litio 2 WUL Tent 229,90 € 154,03 €


  • 2 vestibules
  • 1 inner tent
  • 1 flysheet
  • 1 foot print
  • For 2 person
  • 2 entrances
  • 2 closable air vents, which can both be operated from the interior
  • Internal storage pockets
  • Loops and ropes for washing line/lamp attachment
  • Pegs and guylines included
  • Reflective trimming
  • Mosquito net doors
  • Bathtub floor
  • Frame: 2 x YUNAN 7001 T6 Aluminium alloy for stability and flexibility
  • Roll-top pack bag
  • Rollable snow skirts
  • Pegs: 146g
  • Poles: 684g
  • Inner Tent: 868g
  • Flysheet: 646g
  • Groundsheet: 350g
  • Minimal weight: Pegs+Poles+Flysheet+Groundsheet: 1 826 g






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              • generaly i like it .. the whole concept from the florr to the poles
                one night in the rain rhe interior of the flysheet was soaked .. not that waterprofed .. the pack coud be diferent ... a little strugle and repack to fit .. in bad weather not that awesome..a burito style woud be awesome
                Mihai Reviewed on 11.10.2022
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