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Information about sponsorship and marketing cooperation

Every month we receive many sponsorship request letters and letters about partnership cooperation. If you are interested to cooperate with us, please read this text. 

Zajo is brand for people that like spending their free time in the nature. That is why we prefer hiking, and activities that are close to traveling, nature, running, skiing, cycling, climbing... We are not associated with extreme sports, dangerous activities, auto racing competition or activities that are far from experiences in the nature.

If you want to cooperate with us, we are able to provide you the discount on our products. We do not provide any financial support or 100% barter. 

If you are interested, here is the questionnaire 

  • Please send us the information about your activity:
    • what are you doing and what is the history
    • Who do you do it for, what event do you plan to participate, what is your audience (newsletter, Facebook, blog, YouTube channel), what other media do you use to support your activity. Please let us know number of your fans, email addresses etc.
    • what do you produce: movie, pictures, blog articles... how we can use this material
    • what is your offer
    • what would you expect from us
    • terms 
    • what other brands support you and what do they provide
  • We will check your offer and talk about it on our weekly marketing meeting. 
  • If we decide to cooperate with you, we will offer the discount on our products. If the agreed conditions will be fulfilled, the agreed material will be delivered (pictures, movies, articles...), we will be able to provide additional discount.

Thank you!

Your Zajo team