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Information about sponsorship and marketing cooperation

We are delighted that you are considering ZAJO as your potential partner for your project!

ZAJO is a brand for people who admire and respect nature and who love to spend their free time out there. For people who find joy in experiences in the mountains, and are not afraid to go beyond the comfort zone. We strive to create equipment that can make your experiences safe and enjoyable - durable, minimalistic, smart and supertemporal garment and hardware that will serve people eager to go out there and grasp those unique and memorable moments.

Our essence is the experience in nature. Therefore, we are mostly interested in supporting you in activities such as hiking, climbing, skiing, travelling, running ... ZAJO is not associated with extreme sports or dangerous activities, motorsports and activities that far away from experiences in nature.

In the text below, we explain possible forms of cooperation. If any of those interests you, please fill in a short questionnaire. After we evaluate your submitted inquiry, we will contact you, and we will start a process of a tailored offer for your project. At this moment, we do not offer direct financial support or 100% barter.

Zajo Corporate and Event Sales

Does your job in harsh weather conditions require high-quality and durable garment without compromise? We will be glad to help you and your organization by providing functional clothing for employees or with a gift for clients or partners.

Take ZAJO with you to work when it is sunny or pouring rain, in winter or summer, for your events, business meetings or marketing events. Consider buying products for your business or organization and possibly adding your logo.

Zajo Expeditions and Athletes

Are you planning a challenging mountain climb to one of the world's mountain peaks, or have you prepared another challenging expedition? Are you a professional athlete who needs a reliable partner to achieve your goal? Let us know about your plans, and we'll take a closer look at how we can help you along the way.

Please contact us by filling in the questionnaire at least three months before your expedition or sports season.

Zajo Event Support

Many companies, not-for-profit organisations or associations have a rich event calendar. Do you think that ZAJO could contribute to events for your organisation, company or employees? If yes, please let us know more about this event. 

In general, we primarily focus on events for 250+ participants. On the other hand, we also do support events with less than 250 participants, but then the event needs to have a truly specific focus on mountaineering, hiking or winter activities. We are fans of educational events where participants can learn more about nature, its protection or safety in the mountains.

ZAJO Good Idea

Do you have any idea for a project that can help nature, or would inspire people to take action towards environmental protection? Could ZAJO help anyone in pursuing their dreams that benefit their communities? Let's have a chat about it!

ZAJO Photography cooperation

If you are a photographer with some years of experience and your lens captures mainly nature in all weather conditions, or people trekking in the mountains with their authentic emotions, we would like to see your portfolio! Photographic outputs are intended mainly for marketing activities on social media, in ZAJO brand stores and for printed matters.

The cooperation is usually based on mutual agreement either in the form of barter (ZAJO products in exchange for photographic outputs) or in the form of contract. 

Zajo Instagram Collaboration

We are always happy when we meet like-minded people who share our passion for nature; people who by their work or activities inspire and encourage others to go into nature and help protect it.

If you feel that you can help us in our passion for inspiring and enabling more people to enjoy nature, then we want to know about you.

To work with Instagram, you should meet the following:

  • Regularly go hiking, camping, travelling or doing other outdoor activities.
  • You have a passion for mountains, a professional and fair approach, and a sense for photography.
  • You own several ZAJO products and have personal experience with them.
  • You have an engaged audience of 5,000 followers who are primarily enthusiasts of an active lifestyle and outdoor life.

Note: This is unpaid cooperation with the option of using special discounts to help create content for ZAJO. In case of interest, the reward will be subject to a mutual agreement; we do not offer 100% barter at the moment.

Thank you in advance for reaching to us!

Your Zajo team

If you have any further questions, please contact us at