This is merino wool - a miracle from nature!

Get to know merino wool - because the best materials are still created by nature

Wool is one of nature's most amazing materials, but wool from merino sheep is above that. At ZAJO, we love its softness and its ability to regulate temperature, making it warm when it's meant to warm and cool when it's meant to cool. But it can do so much more. Not only does it effectively wick sweat and moisture away from the body to keep you fresh, but its antibacterial properties keep odor at bay so you can wear one shirt for days without washing!

We source our merino wool from Australia, where the sheep of this breed have ideal living conditions - they graze on open and vast wild pastures. We take great care to ensure that only humane methods are used to shear the wool from the sheep and refuse to support any other approach. That is our promise to you, that is our promise to nature.

Since we have been working with merino wool for several years, we have gradually translated it into all the pieces of clothing where it works and works best - with us, you will be dressed in merino from head to toe. We have amazing cold weather socks made from merino wool, complete base layers including shirts and underwear, nice warm beanies, and even a popular neck warmer. Experience for yourself what nature can do, we're sure you'll love merino as much as we do!

The best of merino