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Gotland 1 UL Tent

Exuberance, Ultralight tent, 2302g

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The lightest tent in our collection. The 4-season Gotland 1 tent offers a high degree of strength and durability for severe environments and snow conditions, but its salient characteristic is lightweight. Podrobnejši opis

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Brezplačna dostava.

Opis izdelka

Simple pole tunnel construction with corner fiberglass poles creates more inner space and means more room and comfort. Unique W-shape guy lines configuration provides excellent pitching option. Excellent ventilation system keeps condensation under control. The tent uses YUNAN alloy poles to provide greater strength and flexibility while keeping pole weight low. It is ideal for fast, lightweight backpacking trips requiring extra strength, and weighing in at less than 1kg per person. This includes wilderness photographers, professional climbers, hunters, and other adventurers who have to carry large amounts of gear, as well as long distance hikers, who want to get more out of carrying less. Remove the inner tent (takes about a minute) and you have an expansive floorless tarp shelter. You may use it in 4 options: flysheet + inner tent + footprint, flysheet + inner tent, flysheet + footprint or flysheet only.

Tehnične podrobnosti

  • 1-pole tunnel design
  • 4 fiberglass poles in each corner
  • 1 vestibule
  • 1 inner tent
  • 1 flysheet
  • for 1 person
  • 1 entrance
  • 3 closable air vents. which can both be operated from the interior
  • internal storage pockets
  • loops and ropes for washing line/lamp attachment
  • Reinforced tension points with webbing loops
  • pegs and guylines included
  • reflectors on main guying points
  • mosquito net doors
  • Waterproof sealed seams
  • Bathtub floor
  • Flysheet: lightweight
  • .fast-drying and UV resistant fabric 30D ripstop 100% nylon siliconised outside and PU coated inside; water column rating: 5 000 mm)
  • Inner tent: soft. breathable and fast-drying fabric (POLYESTER 190T BREATHABLE) with durable water-repellent (DWR) finish
  • Groundsheet: : lightweight. fast-drying and UV resistant fabric 30D ripstop 100% nylon siliconised outside and PU coated inside; water column rating: 5 000 mm)
  • Frame: 1 x YUNAN 7001 T6 Aluminium alloy for stability and flexibility
  • roll-top pack bag
  • Vestibule depth: 80 cm
  • Pegs: 12 x 10.16g = 122g
  • Pole: 204g
  • Inner tent: 638g
  • Outer tent: 966g
  • Footprint: 244g
  • Packages: 128g
Najmanjša teža
1292 g

RainXpert, Duraflex®, Ultralight tent, Outdoor tent, YUNAN

W/P podlaga
5000 mm

W/P zunanja plast
5000 mm

Število oseb

2302 g

Zunanja plast
100% Nylon Ripstop PU + Silicone

Notranja plast
100% Polyester + W/R

100% Nylon Ripstop PU + Silicone

1 x Yunan 7001 T6 dural

Notranji šotor
220 x 95 x 95 cm

Zunanji šotor
230 x 175 x 105 cm

After each use it is necessary to clean and dry a tent before storing. A tent shall be cleaned manually with tepid water and swab. Otherwise the protection paint may be deteriorated. Tent life time may be prolonged by regular treatment with preparations determined to this purpose. Before setup a tent: - Select surface free of stones, limbs and other hart and sharp subjects. - Avoid tent setup below trees. - Avoid the tent entry against the wind direction in windy conditions.




RainXpert tehnologija združuje najvišjo stopnjo zaščite pred vremenskimi vplivi z visoko stopnjo toplotnega ugodja. Princip temelji na prevleki mikroskopskih por, ki je trdno laminirana na zunanjem materialu. več



Duraflex, poznana znamka plastičnih zaponk znamka za nahrbtnike in drugo opremo. Prihaja iz ZDA in je prisotna po celem svetu. Pionirji v industriji, z zagotavljanem celovite storitve do kupcev.. več

Ultralight tent

Ultra lahki šotori so najbolj primerni za poti s kolesom ali pohode. Zanje sta značilni nizka teža in majhen volumen, izdelani so iz lahkih, a trpežnih materialov.. več

Outdoor tent

Naši outdoor šotori so naprodaj za pošteno ceno, a visoko kvalitetni. Ti šotori zadovoljijo brez kompomisov. So enostavne in trpežne konstrukcije, dobro zračni ter seveda nepremočljivi.. več



Yunan is making mainly ultra-light and strength aluminium tent poles and hiking sticks with the material of Duraluminium and high strength aluminium alloys. Yunan's products are highly appreciated by customers over the world in the field of outdoor goods. več

Gotland 1 UL Tent

Exuberance, , 2302g

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Običajna cena 329,90 €   ? 129,90 €


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