Not only in the forests, but also on the slopes. Not only in hiking shoes, but also in ski boots.

For those who don't stay at home in winter

We love the outdoors in all its forms. In hiking boots, but also on skis. In dense forests, but also on snowy slopes. That's why it was the most natural thing in the world that we first introduced our Nuuk ski collection a few years ago, created specifically for lovers of speed on skis. Top-quality materials, as you know them from our hiking collections, lots of little extras for ultimate comfort and the best skiing experience, as well as RECCO® reflectors for added safety.

Get to know our ski collection, which has been tested by beginners and enthusiasts, as well as experienced skiers and pros, on slopes all over the world!

Skiing clothes for the best experience on the slope

High speeds in biting cold, not always ideal weather conditions, but also a fall or two. Creating a ski collection you can rely on is a challenge. But we didn't shy away from it and took the best of our hiking collections, which have been proven by the nature.

The waterproof material won't shed a drop of water or snow, and the windproof properties will keep you protected even at high speeds. The insulation in the jacket warms you up nicely and keeps you warm, yet is lightweight so it doesn't carry extra grams unnecessarily. Naturally, you can also expect elasticity, which is essential for active movement. And not that we're underestimating you, but still, even the best skier falls off occasionally. The durable outer material is always ready for such a situation.

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