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Ramsau Gloves

Black, 100g

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Ramsau windproof gloves are an ideal choice for cold and dry conditions.. Detalizēts apraksts

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Ramsau gloves are a favorite of passionate mountain lovers, runners, and cyclists who need to keep their hands warm and protect them from the chilly wind during their performance. The pleasant softshell material is flexible, warming, yet very breathable. The silicone palm of the glove makes the grip reliable and precise.

Tehniskā informācija

  • Lightweight, breathable, stretch and windproof material
  • Breathable mesh on the toes for comfort all day long
  • Microfleece wipe on the thumb for wiping glasses
  • Silicone palm for a better grip
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Adjustable cuff with Velcro
  • Reflective elements
  • Elastic strap around the wrist
  • Carabiner loop on the finger

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Ramsau Gloves

Black, 100g

izvēlieties variantu

Parastā cena 64,90 €   ? 24,90 €

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