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Thermolite Socks MW

Magnet, Invista™ Thermolite®, 71g

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Product description

Thermolite Socks MW socks are an excellent choice even for colder conditions, thanks to the functional Thermolite material, which has thermoregulatory properties. With the help of wool, the socks are pleasantly warm, but at the same time they are breathable, so they do not retain moisture and effectively drain it out. The thicker structure makes the socks durable and suitable even for heavy hiking shoes.

termo reguliacinė ir antibakterinė medžiaga


Invista™ Thermolite®

multisportovní, trekingové, volnočasové


71 g

19% Thermolite + 57% Wool + 21% Nylon + 3% Lycra


Invista™ Thermolite®

Invista™ Thermolite®

THERMOLITE® nepaisant lengvumo savybės, suteikia šilumos izoliaciją ir komfortą šaltu oru. Thermolite® užtikrina šilumą ir komfortą, sausoje ir drėgnoje aplinkoje. Tai lengvas pluoštas su ypatingomis savybėmis. daugiau

Thermolite Socks MW

Magnet, , 71g

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Normal price 11,90 €   ? 5,90 €


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