Elf Kids Merino T-shirt SS

Lightweight children's T-shirt made of fine merino wool.

Color: Glacier Gray
  • Glacier Gray
  • Poseidon Blue
  • Coral
  • Black
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The innovative design, featuring fine natural merino wool wrapped around a durable nylon core, is the clear winner when compared to any man-made fibre. The strong nylon core makes the material resistant to tears and abrasions, providing for greater flexibility and recovery, all while preserving the same level of comfort and properties of merino wool. Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, airiness, and insulating properties, it’s the perfect choice for high-endurance and high-adrenaline activity. What’s not to love about a pair of underwear that absorbs moisture and keeps you warm, no matter the circumstance? After all, merino wool doesn’t shrink, won’t get dirty, is resistant to odours (even when worn for several days), and is laundry machine friendly. Perhaps most important is the wool’s UV protection and fire resistance, which creates the perfect shield between you and the elements. And it’s all brought to you by Zajo directly from the Australian Outback. You can rest easy knowing that all merino products in our inventory come from clean and humane sheep shearing without employing the extremely painful and cruel mulesing practice.

  • Materials Merino wool
  • Materials Merino wool
Elf Kids Merino T-shirt SS 19,90 €
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Merino wool

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