THERMOLITE® is a synthetic fiber developed by the American company Invista, which has already brought several advanced innovations to the world of synthetic materials. At a lightweight, it offers excellent insulating properties, so it helps the wearer retain warmth even on really freezing days. This effect is achieved using hollow-core fiber technology.

This material, as mentioned, is particularly well known and respected for its ability to insulate while maintaining its lightweight in both dry and wet conditions. Moreover, THERMOLITE® products dry very quickly, up to 20% faster than other insulating fabrics and up to 50% faster than cotton, so that even short-term wetting is not a problem. Another distinct advantage of THERMOLITE® is that its properties are durable, not diminishing with washing or age. It is very often used in underwear or socks, sleeping bags, and base layers. The material is produced from recycled material, reducing the environmental impact of production.