You will NOT be cold in these jackets

Keeping you warm, whatever the conditions outside, is a daunting task and one we take very seriously. That's why we've turned to the best available when choosing our jacket fillers. Whether we're talking about the best warm fillings produced by the human hand or the warmest that nature itself has to offer.

Insulated jackets with Primaloft insulation

For jackets with synthetic insulation, we rely on the synonym of quality in this respect - the legendary Primaloft®, which creates the most powerful insulating materials in the world.

Our synthetic jackets can keep you beautifully warm even in really cold conditions, and wick away moisture excellently, making them suitable for active movement and drying very quickly. They don't lose their functionality even when they get wet, they are durable and easy to maintain.

However, quality was not the only reason we chose Primaloft®. Creating a quality insulating material is one thing, creating a quality material with minimal impact on the environment is another, and we do not plan to compromise our high standards under any circumstances. Primaloft®, like us, goes the extra mile in this respect. It uses recycled resources and is vigorously addressing and minimizing its impact on our planet on all fronts. This is how it is done!

Down jackets filled with certified down

It's somehow magical that no matter how hard man tries, he still hasn't been able to create something as functional and warming as down. Sure, technology has advanced and many high-end materials are nipping at down's heels, but it's one thing to catch up, and another to surpass.  

Down jackets are the heart of our insulated jacket range, for that amazing weight-to-warmth ratio that only down can offer. What's more, in our down jackets you'll find down treated with DOWNTEK®, which makes the down much more water-resistant without losing any of its properties. So if you have a prejudice against down jackets that they will lose their properties when they get wet, this won't happen so easily to these jackets.

Every single gram of down you'll find in our jackets is certified. This means that our down is ONLY a by-product from meat processors that would otherwise become unused waste. 

In addition, no harmful substances are used in the processing of down, i.e. no PFCs, no PFOA, and no PFOS. All this is confirmed by the internationally recognised Bluesign certificate.