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Chamonix Pro -11 Xtrlong

Orange, Real Down, 1020g

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Despite being lightweight in mass, the Chamonix Pro -11 down sleeping bag is suitable even for extreme conditions.. Detail description

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Product description

The Chamonix Pro -11 sleeping bag is equipped to withstand even the coldest of nights throughout all four seasons. Thanks to the dense fill power and a 98% max ratio of down to feathers, it offers the perfect insulating properties for hardcore, multi-day backpackers, even in the winter and at high altitudes. Weighing in at just 500 grams, size Long offers an unprecedented weight-to-performance ratio, not only in terms of warmth, but also in terms of the durability of the material itself. The Chamonix Pro -11 sleeping bag is made from local down under the Polish Beskid Mountains.

Technical details

  • Durable TORAY Airtastic outer material with a water-repellent finish
  • The filling volume with 850cuin down will keep you warm
  • Unique down to 98/2 feather ratio for even better warming properties
  • Ergonomic shaping - sleeping bag adapted for free movement of hips, knees, and feet
  • Chamber construction in the upper part in the shape of V, in the lower part in the shape of H
  • A total of up to 42 chambers ensures a perfect distribution of down across the entire sleeping bag
  • Inner collar with drawstring
  • Advanced mummy shape
  • Inner pocket
  • Quality YKK zippers with two sliders
  • Sewn and hand-filled by a specialist in Poland

Real Down, YKK®

Sleepingbag weight
980 g

580 g

Temperature comfort
-5 °C

Temperature limit
-11 °C

Temperature extrem
-30 °C


Zip side

1020 g

Internal dimensions
219 x 94 cm

V-top + H-bottom

100% White goose down FP 98/2 - 850 cuins (EU)

Shell fabric
Toray 100% 20D Nylon + DWR

Lining fabric
Toray 100% 20D Nylon + DWR

Down products can be home cleaned, however this is a difficult and time consuming job as the drying process can take several hours. We recommend taking it to a professional cleaner who specializes in down. Spot clean your sleeping bag with lukewarm (30° C) soapy water and a sponge. If exceptionally soiled your sleeping bag may be washed in washing machine. Use an oversized commercial automatic machine, utilizing a rotating drum action. Do not wash your sleeping bag in a top loading washing machine; the center agitator could damage your jacket. Make sure the detergent compartment of your washing machine is clean of any detergent or softener. Set the washing machine to a cold wash on a delicate cycle. Before washing your down sleeping bag brush off any loose mud or dirt. Do up any zips or Velcro, close any flaps and do not wring. Do not use detergents, as they are very aggressive (if not exclusively designed for sleeping bags). Do not add fabric softener. Set the machine to rinse a few times on the slowest/longest spin cycle to ensure no cleaner residues are left in the down. A down sleeping bag should not be air dried. Not only will air drying take a very long time there is more risk of the feathers clumping together and the jacket starting to smell. Down sleeping bags should be tumble dried at a low heat. Do not be tempted set the drier to a high heat as you risk melting the seams and outer shell fabric. Adding tennis balls or similar into the drier stops the feathers from clumping together and helps to fluff the down. To prevent clumps of down forming you can remove the sleeping bag every now and then from the drier (hold the sleeping bag flat and not at one end) and fluff. Ensure the bag is 100% dry. Air your sleeping bag after washing drying flat, clean surface. Do not expose sleeping bag to the sun or heat. Dry cleaning is not advisable as the chemicals used may reduce insulation efficiency and water repellency. To extend the life of your bag, never store it in its stuff sack. Keep it loosely stored in a dry place in a large cotton bag, or hang it in a closet or store it flat.

Pack size
38 x 15 cm


Real Down

Normal layers of clothing are not capable of providing adequate protection in low temperatures. There is a need for an additional insulating layer that blocks the leakage of body heat, the same like sleepingbags heats air around of the human body. more


YKK products can be found in all areas of industry. YKK produces a wide range of zippers, buttons, buckles and fastening accessories renowned internationally for their outstanding quality and durability. more

Chamonix Pro -11 Xtrlong

Orange, , 1020g

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Normal price 419,90 €   ? 299,90 €


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