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XT Insulated 8.0 Matt Long

Poinciana, PRIMALOFT® Silver High-Loft, 860g

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Insulated sleeping pad XT Insulated 8.0 Matt Long is a recipe for quality sleep in nature, even in the most unusual places.. Detail description

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Product description

The secret behind this pad is the PRIMALOFT® Silver High-Loft material used as an insulation layer, which we also use in many of our jackets, 27 air chambers, and a heat-reflective layer of aluminum. This aluminum layer reflects your body heat towards you, while the cold from the ground is directed back down. The inside of the mat has an "H" construction - the thickness of the mat is the 8 cm at every point. Thanks to the crosswise arrangement of the air chambers, this inflatable pad is also very light and compact, so it does not burden your backpack with unnecessary extra weight. You can also pack the sleeping pad in the included sack in a few seconds to save the space.

Technical details

  • Enlarged upper air chamber for better head support
  • Lightweight 30D Nylon material helped us achieve a lower weight
  • Valve with two safety locks
  • The package also includes a transport sack, compression straps, and a repair kit

R - value

860 g

Nylon 30D

193 x 63 x 8 cm

Packed size
24 x 12 cm

Aluminium film + PRIMALOFT® Silver High-Loft 80g

When inflating a mattress, do not use any inflation pumps, pumps, etc. Avoid leaving an inflated mattress (with closed valve) in a tent, car or direct sunlight during hot days. Protect it from open flame, sparks, hot heating body, lamp or any other heat source. Moreover, protect the mattress surface from strongly chlorinated water e.g. swimming pool water. Select suitable place to locate and use the mattress and prevent from puncture or damage. Take care of sharp stones, gravel, limbs, pinnacles, dry grass and other sharp objects. Upon a mattress puncture, use enclosed glue and patches according to the manual. Mattress shall be stored in expanded state (best possible flat) with open valve. So the foam filling preserves its extensibility, collected moisture may escape and the non-permeable layer shall not be damaged by moisture, mildew or other microorganisms. Avoid the mattress storage on wet and humid place (relative humidity up to 60 %) at the temperature of 0° C up to +40° C. Make sure of that the mattress is dry before storing. Clean with soft detergents on soap basis, tepid water and soft swab or rag. The valve shall be closes to prevent from water penetration inside. Dry the mattress in extended state with open valve on air. In no case, dry it on direct sunlight or heat source.


PRIMALOFT® Silver High-Loft

PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Hi-Loft is built with two different sizes of fibers, for high thermal values and incredible loft. It’s comfortable, durable and retains 85% of its insulation value even when it’s wet. more


This product has extended warranty for 3 years. The warranty covers manufacturing, material and technological defects only. Please check carefully all products, when you buying them. Warranty does not cover wear and tear, mechanical damage and possible changes in appearance caused by using the product. more

XT Insulated 8.0 Matt Long

Poinciana, , 860g

Stock Availability


Normal price 199,90 €   ? 106,90 €


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