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Valbella W Jkt

DOWNTEK™, 480g

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A universal, down feather, hooded jacket made from white, hydrophobic, DOWNTEK goose down and a lightweight, PERTEX® Quantum material. Works as a standalone piece for dry, cool weather or as a warm, second layer. Detail description

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    Product description

    Seeing as how down feathers do not retain heat when wet, we use a combination of synthetic PrimaLoft® padding and a natural, white goose down with water-repellent modifications. Down feathers and synthetic insulation are strategically placed to keep you warm, whether you wear the Valbella W jacket as a standalone piece or underneath a hardshell jacket in a winter blizzard. Although synthetic insulation is used in areas that are prone to moisture (the hood, sleeve hem, collar, elbow, and armpit area) while down feathers are used all throughout to keep your body nice and warm, this jacket still remains in the lightweight and easy-to-pack category. The down material used is a mixture of dust feathers, feather flakes, and feathers, which altogether form air chambers in and between the padded structure of the jacket. Air chambers are small barriers that help prevent warm air from escaping, but also prevent cold air from entering. The 90/10 feather down ratio and 800 cu.in. fill power create larger air chambers, which in turn capture more warm air, thereby providing you with greater thermal insulation. This lightweight, hooded, packable jacket comes with its own packing pouch, so you can easily carry it with you wherever you go and keep your backpack nice and organized. The low-profile hood adapted for helmet wear is insulated with synthetic padding, so your ears will stay nice and warm. Two zipped pockets, two inner mesh pockets, and one inner zipped pocket are great for storing your keys and phone, gloves and caps, or all the little things you need for an active adventure in the great outdoors. The retractable hood, bottom hem, and ends of the sleeves with an elastic hem will keep you out of the wind and winter cold. So long as you’ve got this jacket on, you won’t be in for any cold or wet surprises when an unexpected drizzle rolls around, but it’s still always best to combine it with a waterproof jacket for maximum protection when you know for certain a rainstorm is approaching.

    Technical details

    • Note: We used a filling made of real and first-class natural down for the product, which has not been chemically bleached. Therefore, the dark brown feathers with a higher pigment content make up about 0.5% of the down filling. Due to the use of ultralight material, these feathers can be seen through the jacket material in lighter colors. This is a natural phenomenon, which is not a defect of the padding and does not affect the functionality of the jacket.
    • Composite construction provides warmth where it is needed the most.
    • Insulated with DOWNTEK 100% White goose down 90/10 – 800 cuins with water repellent finish. Primaloft® Silver Insulation Hi-Loft. Primaloft® Silver insulation and Primaloft® Insulation Eco Black.
    • Jacket is made with a lightweight fabric. so the feathers are slightly visible through the fabric of the light color.
    • DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent) helps repel water from fabric surface
    • Jacket is not waterproof. We recommend wearing a waterproof shell over the jacket in the event of rain.
    • Lightweight
    • Fast Drying
    • Breathable
    • Wind resistant
    • Slim fit
    • Anatomical shaping for fit and comfort
    • Articulated sleeves at the elbow line. underarm gussets to enhance motion and eliminate excess bulk
    • Sleeve hem with elastic trimming
    • Fully adjustable insulated helmet compatible hood
    • Embossed plastic zipper pullers are easy to grab
    • Compressible and packable - stuff sack is attached inside the pocket
    • Full front 2-way YKK Vislon® zipper with internal flap and chinguard
    • Two hand pockets with YKK reversed zippers
    • Two internal mesh pockets
    • One internal pocket with YKK zipper
    • Adjustable bottom hem by elastic draw-cord
    • Slightly dropped back hem for coverage

    185 g

    DOWNTEK™, PERTEX® Quantum, PRIMALOFT® Silver High-Loft, YKK®, Zonal Design 1



    480 g

    Shell fabric
    PERTEX® Quantum 100% 20D Nylon6 + DWR

    Lining fabric
    PERTEX® Quantum 100% 20D Nylon6 + DWR

    DOWNTEK 100% White goose down 90/10 – 800 cuins + DWR

    Down products can be home cleaned, however this is a difficult and time consuming job as the drying process can take several hours. We recommend taking it to a professional cleaner who specializes in down. It is important to wash your items with a down specific soap. Never use liquid detergents or fabric softeners, as detergents may leave residues that will not rinse out and may wash away the natural oils of the down. Before washing your down jacket brush off any loose mud or dirt. Do up any zips or velcro and close any flaps. If possible turn the jacket inside out. Do not wash your jacket in a top loading washing machine; the centre agitator could damage your jacket. Make sure the detergent compartment of your washing machine is clean of any detergent or softener. Set the washing machine to a cold wash on a delicate cycle. Set the machine to rinse a few times on the slowest/longest spin cycle to ensure no cleaner residues are left in the down. A down jacket should not be air dried. Not only will air drying take a very long time there is more risk of the feathers clumping together and the jacket starting to smell. Down jackets should be tumble dried at a low heat. Do not be tempted set the drier to a high heat as you risk melting the seams and outer shell fabric. Adding tennis balls or similar into the drier stops the feathers from clumping together and helps to re ‘fluff’ the down. To prevent clumps of down forming you can remove the jacket every now and then from the drier (hold the jacket flat and not at one end) and fluff. Ensure the jacket is 100% dry. ALL down jackets with thinner Pertex fabric or ribbed stitches WILL lose some down. It may seem like a huge problem visually, but the down you see is actually a tiny proportion of the overall fill. Make sure protruding feathers are pushed back into the garment and not pulled outwards. This will prevent smaller holes being enlarged. Secondly on a cold heat give your beloved jacket a fluff up in the dryer for around 10 mins. *DO NOT USE ANY HEAT* this will open the feathers out, making it more difficult for them to pass through the seams.




    What is DownTek™?Only the most amazing thing since the umbrella. Here's the thing: Down is the single best insulation that exists. Period.Its Achilles heel? Water. Rain. Sweat. Snow. Anything wet. Mother Nature designed down clusters to trap pockets of air. more

    PERTEX® Quantum

    Using some of the finest yarns available with the optimum thread count, Pertex Quantum® has an extremely light, yet dense weave construction. Pertex Quantum® certainly stands its ground – easily able to withstand hardcore and expedition use. more

    PRIMALOFT® Silver High-Loft

    PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation Hi-Loft is built with two different sizes of fibers, for high thermal values and incredible loft. It’s comfortable, durable and retains 85% of its insulation value even when it’s wet. more


    YKK products can be found in all areas of industry. YKK produces a wide range of zippers, buttons, buckles and fastening accessories renowned internationally for their outstanding quality and durability. more

    Zonal Design 1

    Zonal Design 1

    The zonal design technology combines the goose down insulation of DonwTek™ with panels of PrimaLoft® synthetic insulation in areas prone to moisture. PrimaLoft®, which is used in the hood, collar, shoulders, cuffs and under the arms, insulates even if wet. more

    Valbella W Jkt

    , 480g

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