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Arosa Neo W Jkt

360 Vertigo 2, 516g

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Waterproof and highly breathable Arosa jacket, developed for all-season use.. Detaljan opis

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    Light enough as waterproof protection during summer hiking, durable enough for ski slopes, and challenging terrain. The Arosa jacket is made of the waterproof material 360 Vertigo 2 with a lamination layer inside that effectively wicks sweat and moisture outwards but also serves as a barrier against raindrops. To guarantee 100% waterproofness, the jacket is also equipped with water-repellent zippers and taped seams. The Arosa jacket excels in its versatility not only in mountain terrain but thanks to clean design is also a popular choice for casual wearing.

    Tehnički detalji

    • DWR finish (Durable Water Repellent) helps repel water from fabric surface
    • Fully adjustable hood with laminated brim
    • Shaped elbows for freedom of movement
    • Reinforced zippered flap with fine material at the neck
    • Pit zippers for extra ventilation
    • Reinforced sleeve tightening
    • Adjustable bottom hem
    • Taped seams for added waterproofness
    • YKK's water repellent AquaGuard® series zippers
    • 2 zipper side pockets under flap
    • Inner pocket with zipper
    • Corded zipper-pulls

    360 Vertigo 2, YKK®



    Ventilation of armpit

    516 g

    Shell fabric
    100% Polyester + PU

    Lining fabric
    100% Polyester

    All membrane products shall be washed in automatic washing machine with scrimping program determined for synthetic at the temperature of 30° C. It is recommended to use special liquid laundry agents which are more soluble than classical ones. Classical liquid laundry agents may clog the membrane pores and so to reduce the breathability of the membrane. When washing in washing machine, select one or two additional rinsing cycles to remove laundry agent remainders from the product thoroughly. Don’t not use any fabric softeners! Very contaminated clothing parts shall be soaked with water and washed with washing or coco soap manually. When washing manually, avoid strong mechanical rubbing. The clothing shall be pressed softly and then rinsed thoroughly. Avoid manual squeezing and removing the water by twisting the clothing because it might damage the membrane. After washing, let the water drain away from the hung clothing and dry at room temperature. When cleaning professionally, require rinsing of product in clean distilled solvent and spraying of impregnation. Even though all of our membrane clothing is provided with durable water repellent (DWR) treatment of the surface, it may be aggravated as a consequence of mechanical use, chemical influences and temperature changes over time. The life time of the water repellent treatment depends on care of clothing and use demands. Attention, do not confuse the water repellent with water-resistant properties. Reduced water repellent ability is manifested by reduction of drop creation when raining and the water starts to soak into the textile surface. Clothing soaked with water became heavier and closing of water film causes reduction of breathability. So it is rewired to renew the water repellent property after certain time of use and washing of the product by suitable impregnation. It is recommended to apply the impregnation by spraying onto the textile surface after washing the product. Suitable impregnation agents may be purchased in outdoor-shops.


    360 Vertigo 2

    360 Vertigo 2

    360 VERTIGO (razina 2) materijali izrađeni su od vrhunskih tekstilnih vlakana tkanih sa poliuretanom. To omogućava otklanjanje pare sa tijela na površinu materijala, a zaustavlja vodene kapi. U isto vrijeme osiguran je visok stupanj prozračnosti. više


    YKK proizvodi se mogu naći u svim branšama industrije. YKK proizvodi široku paletu patent zatvarača, dugmadi, kopči i zatvarača koji su dobro poznati kao vrlo kvalitetni i dugotrajni. Ponosni smo što koristimo YKK proizvode na svim našim proizvodima. više

    Arosa Neo W Jkt

    , 516g

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      S 166-170 89-93
      M 170-174 94-98
      L 174-178 99-103
      XL 178-182 104-108
      XXL 182-184 109-113
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