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Trekking Poles ALU Pro

Fiery Red, 500g

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Lightweight trekking telescopic poles.. Detaljan opis

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Puna cijena 449 kn   ? 169 kn

Opis proizvoda

Made from aluminium alloy for advanced hiking.

Tehnički detalji

  • tungsten tip
  • 3-section construction with clip system lock
145 cm

Dužina - presavijen/o
66 cm

Aluminij 7075


Maximal length

Compound pole

Number parts

Price for

500 g

7075 tempered aluminium alloy (mechanic resistance 150 HB)

Telescopic poles are not very maintenance-demanding. The poles endure much when buckling, but they are not to be used as a lever. Otherwise they may be bent or broken very easily. This can be happened if the pole runs into a hole or gap. So it is required to provide the poles with rings in the summer season. The greatest danger for the poles is to tag them together when not using for longer time. So the Dural oxidation (white powder) occurs between two tubes. It may become, that the poles shall not be extruded and ugly stains and crusts appear on the surface. Therefore, the best prevention is drying the poles. After a tour, mainly rainy one, swab the poles to be dry.

Trekking Poles ALU Pro

Fiery Red, 500g



Puna cijena 449 kn   ? 169 kn


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