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Snow Pegs

Exuberance, YUNAN, 260g

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4 pcs of snow and sand tent pegs.. Detaljan opis

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Puna cijena 259 kn   ? 139 kn

Opis proizvoda

Wide, long tent peg that provides good stability in snow and sand when regular tent pegs do not hold. Made from lightweight aluminium with high visibility orange colouring. Comes with a strong line and plastic carbine that can be hooked to the tent's guy line. The holes along the length of the peg reduce the weight and enable extra secure attachment.

4 pcs in pack


260 g

4 x Yunan 7001 T6 dural

31,5 x 4 cm




Yunan is making mainly ultra-light and strength aluminium tent poles and hiking sticks with the material of Duraluminium and high strength aluminium alloys. Yunan's products are highly appreciated by customers over the world in the field of outdoor goods. više

Snow Pegs

Exuberance, , 260g



Puna cijena 259 kn   ? 139 kn


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