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Hike 1.8 Fold Matt

Orange, 404g

5 / 5.0 5   2 hodnotenia

Šifra proizvoda: 40737

Compact, accordion-style, egg nest structure mattress for your hiking time.. Detaljan opis

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Puna cijena 389 kn   ? 209 kn

Opis proizvoda

This hiking mattress is made of quality Polyethylene material with aluminium film which is durable, sturdy, lightweight, odorless, waterproof, dust and corrosion resistant. The Hike 1.8 Fold Matt works in just about any outdoor situation, whether on alpine climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, or car camping due to its unique closed cells foam and egg nest structure. It is a right choice when you don't want to have to worry about durability issues associated with all inflatable mattresses. The dimples of egg nest structure don’t only disperse weight and cushion of you, they trap air and help to insulate from the cold ground. Aluminium film reflects your body heat back to you, offering greater thermal efficiency when dipping into lower temperatures. Super-simple accordion-style makes it customizable for shorter users. You can make multiple sit pads out of one mattress, or if you only want a fractional mattress, just cut it away. (Slicing down to one-half or three-quarters is common for backpackers cutting every gram).

Tehnički detalji

  • Use reflective side-up.
  • Closed cells foam provides durability.
  • Aluminium film reflects your body heat back to you.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be folded up in portable size for easy carrying and storage.
  • Unfolded Size: 183 x 57 x 1.8 cm
  • Folded Size: 16 x 57 x 12.5 cm
R - vrijednost

404 g

100% Polyethylene + Alu film

183 x 57 x 1.8 cm

Veličina pakiranja
16 x 57 x 12.5 cm

Hike 1.8 Fold Matt

Orange, 404g



Puna cijena 389 kn   ? 209 kn


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