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Enamel Mug

White Folk, 163g

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Durable, yet lightweight enamel mug for happy moments in nature.. Detaljan opis

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Extremely durable Enamel Mug not only for the adventures, where you can prepare delicious coffee, tea, or soup, even on a bonfire. The surface of the mug is coated with enamel, i.e. a protective glassy coating, which protects the mug from the effects of rust and ensures an even heat distribution. The material does not contain harmful phthalates or BPA.

380 ml

163 g

Cold pressed steel + ceramic glaze

Before you use your enamel mug for the first time, you'll need to prepare by washing the mug with soap and hot water. Make sure you wash up the liquid before initial use. Dishwasher safe. Clean it after every use with mild soap. Dry your enamel mug thoroughly after washing. Avoid using a microwave in any case. Do not freeze.

Enamel Mug

White Folk, 163g


 Nema na skladištu

Puna cijena 89 kn   ? 49 kn


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