7 reasons why merino wool clothes deserve a place in your wardrobe

7 reasons why merino wool clothes deserve a place in your wardrobe

Wool itself is one of the most amazing natural materials, but wool from merino sheep is one step above it. At ZAJO, we love its softness and ability to regulate the temperature, which keeps it warm when it has to heat and cools when it has to cool. But it can do much more. Not only does it effectively wick sweat and moisture out of the body, keeping you dry, but it does not retain odor due to its antibacterial properties.

However, this is only a fraction of the reasons you should consider, there is much more. So we sat down on a blank sheet of paper and decided to take a closer look at why merino is a good idea. And if you don't have a single piece of merino wool clothing in your closet yet, we'll tell you why now is the best time to change it.

Here are our seven reasons why it's hard to find a more complex material like merino wool:


1. Effectively regulates temperature

Do you know what merino really excels at? In temperature regulation. In other words, if it is hot outside, it will help you cool down, if it is cold outside, it will effectively warm you up. Magic? Advertising bullshit? No way.

Merino wool is extremely breathable, so it effectively wicks sweat and moisture out of the body, keeping you dry. Otherwise, this moisture would literally boil you in your own juice, and especially in the summer months, materials that are unable to remove moisture sufficiently are an absolutely bad choice. In winter, however, the merino wool behaves completely differently. It literally traps air in its fibers, and this invisible layer acts as thermal insulation. In other words, it will keep you warm.

All this is a consequence of the harsh conditions in which merino sheep live - at high altitudes, over time, their wool has developed such qualities that you can use for your adventures today.


2. Does not smell even after several wears

One of the most unique features of merino wool is the fact that it does not smell even after several wears. Just let it dry in the fresh air after wearing it all day and it is ready for further use. The reason why merino wool does not smell is its antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is an excellent choice not only for active movement, but also for situations where you need to stay longer in one T-shirt, for example when traveling. Or for several-day hikes, which you can theoretically manage with one merino t-shirt, while in the case of other materials, you would need a new piece for each day.


3. It is amazingly comfortable

Many who wear merino wool clothing will be happy to confirm that it is one of the most comfortable materials they have ever had the opportunity to wear. Merino wool is very fine, because thinness of one fibre is 1/3 of human hair, so it is also extremely flexible and the clothes made of it are beautifully soft. Forget the typical wool that many have associated with scratching and itching. This is a completely different league.

4. Protects against UV radiation

UV radiation is often an underestimated or overlooked threat, which is paradoxically even more dangerous at higher altitudes. However, Merino wool forms a natural barrier between this radiation and your skin, just as it protects sheep's skin at high altitudes. You are protected from the sun in the merino wool, but don't forget a proper sunscreen for your face!


5. It is elastic and adapts to the figure

Merino wool can stretch quite significantly, but when released it will return to its original shape. Thanks to this, your merino wool clothes will keep their shape for a long time and will last you for some time with good care. And since the materials work best when they are literally glued to the skin, you can get the most out of its benefits thanks to the elasticity of merino wool.


6. It also works when wet

The weakness of many materials is that once they get wet, they lose all their properties. However, this is not the case with merino. Even if the merino wool gets wet, you won't even notice it for a while, as it can absorb a significant part of the moisture. And even if the merino wool is wet, it still works just as efficiently and doesn't lose any of its benefits.


7. It is ecological and degradable

Merino is decomposable in a relatively short time, so once your clothes stop working for you, you can move on knowing that you haven't produced unnecessary waste - merino wool will be "absorbed" back into the ground in about 12 months.

In addition, unlike other materials, it does not require nearly as many resources, only fresh grass on wild pastures, water and fresh air.

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