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Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

Steel, 440g

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Stainless steel vacuum flask that maintains the temperature of the drink for 12 hours.. Описание

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Описание на продукта

The solid and unbreakable Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask will keep any beverage hot or cold for 12 hours. It has these excellent insulating properties thanks to its double-wall construction, which is separated by an airless cavity. The flask has a solid screw-in stopper that does not let an extra drop through. The material does not contain harmful phthalates or BPA.

750 ml

440 g

Stainless steel 201 + Stainless steel 304

Before you use your thermo flask for the first time, you'll need to prepare by washing all separable parts with soap and hot water. Make sure you wash up the liquid before initial use. Do not use dishwasher. Clean it after every use, using a dish brush and washing up liquid. Avoid overfilling the flask. Make sure there is some space to fit the stopper. Avoid using a microwave in any case. Do not freeze.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

Steel, 440g


 В наличност

Нормална цена 49 лв   ? 30 лв


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