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Litio +7 UL Long

Red, Real Down, 0g

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Код на продукта: 40628

Litio +7 UL down sleeping bag filled with goose down, ideal for ultralight hiking.. Описание

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Нормална цена 763 лв   ? 294 лв

Описание на продукта

The Litio +7 UL sleeping bag is a continuation of the Litio product family, which is characterized by its ultra-low weight. And with this sleeping bag, we managed to push the weight to an absolute minimum - the size Long weighs only 345 grams, which is an unprecedented phenomenon in the sleeping bag category. We managed to achieve this ratio by combining a very densely woven Pertex Quantum material and a goose down filling, which is a guarantee that this sleeping bag will keep you warm even during the colder spring and autumn nights. Litio +7 UL sleeping bag is made under the Polish Beskids from local down.

Технически данни

  • Durable Pertex Quantum outer material with a water-repellent finish
  • The filling volume 850cuin will keep you warm
  • Unique 98/2 down to feather ratio for even better warmth properties
  • DSX Chamber construction (stitched through)
  • Advanced mummy shape
  • High-quality YKK zippers
  • Sewn and hand-filled by a specialist in Poland

PERTEX® Quantum, Real Down, YKK®

Тегло на спалния чувал
442 g

200 g

Комфортна температура
11 °C

7 °C

Екстремна температура
-7 °C


Zip side

0 g

214 x 78 cm

Stitched through

100% White goose down FP 98/2 - 850 cuins (EU)

Външна материя
PERTEX® Quantum 100% 10D Nylon + DWR

Вътрешна част
PERTEX® Quantum 100% 10D Nylon + DWR

Down products can be home cleaned, however this is a difficult and time consuming job as the drying process can take several hours. We recommend taking it to a professional cleaner who specializes in down. Spot clean your sleeping bag with lukewarm (30° C) soapy water and a sponge. If exceptionally soiled your sleeping bag may be washed in washing machine. Use an oversized commercial automatic machine, utilizing a rotating drum action. Do not wash your sleeping bag in a top loading washing machine; the center agitator could damage your jacket. Make sure the detergent compartment of your washing machine is clean of any detergent or softener. Set the washing machine to a cold wash on a delicate cycle. Before washing your down sleeping bag brush off any loose mud or dirt. Do up any zips or Velcro, close any flaps and do not wring. Do not use detergents, as they are very aggressive (if not exclusively designed for sleeping bags). Do not add fabric softener. Set the machine to rinse a few times on the slowest/longest spin cycle to ensure no cleaner residues are left in the down. A down sleeping bag should not be air dried. Not only will air drying take a very long time there is more risk of the feathers clumping together and the jacket starting to smell. Down sleeping bags should be tumble dried at a low heat. Do not be tempted set the drier to a high heat as you risk melting the seams and outer shell fabric. Adding tennis balls or similar into the drier stops the feathers from clumping together and helps to fluff the down. To prevent clumps of down forming you can remove the sleeping bag every now and then from the drier (hold the sleeping bag flat and not at one end) and fluff. Ensure the bag is 100% dry. Air your sleeping bag after washing drying flat, clean surface. Do not expose sleeping bag to the sun or heat. Dry cleaning is not advisable as the chemicals used may reduce insulation efficiency and water repellency. To extend the life of your bag, never store it in its stuff sack. Keep it loosely stored in a dry place in a large cotton bag, or hang it in a closet or store it flat.

Размер в сгънато положение
14 x 28 cm


PERTEX® Quantum

Използването на най-добрите налични влакна с оптимален брой нишки материята  Pertex Quantum® е супер лека и същевременно със здрава плетена конструкция. повече

Real Down

За най-ниските температури нормалното облекло  не може  да ни  осигури  адекватна защита . Налице е необходимостта от допълнителен изолационен слой, който спира  изтичането на топлината от  тялото , същият слой  както при спалните чували , който  загрява въздуха около  човешкото тяло . повече


Продуктите на YKK могат да бъдат намерени във всички сфери на индустрията. YKK произвежда широка гама от ципове, копчета, катарами и аксесоари за закрепване, международно известни с изключителното си качество и дълготрайност. повече

Litio +7 UL Long

Red, , 0g

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Нормална цена 763 лв   ? 294 лв


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